LJ Moreno and Jimmy Alapag share how they lost their baby

Published September 10, 2020, 9:04 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Telling their son about the miscarriage was the hardest part

The couple LJ Moreno and Jimmy Alapag uploaded a vlog on Sept. 9, but it wasn’t their usual fun videos. “Today’s episode is going to be a little different than previous vlogs. I know many of you have been following us on our previous announcements (on LJ’s pregnancy),” started Jimmy. He shared that LJ had a doctor’s appointment last week when she was pregnant with their fourth child for a little over six weeks.

“We were supposed to hear the heartbeat but then we couldn’t find one,” added LJ. “The doctor said it could be too early, because I have myoma. On my first appointment, the doctor was saying I had myoma in my uterus—not alarming because it was growing the other way, not toward the baby.”

But with her recent visit, her doctor said that it was possible that myoma was the cause. “I went back to the next appointment, hoping to hear the heartbeat but we still couldn’t. She (doctor) said we would do everything we could. She said, ‘Manage your expectations and be open to the possibility you can have a miscarriage,’” intimated LJ, explaining that the doctor injected progesterone to try to save the baby, but there was nothing they could do. “They call it a miscarriage. I didn’t bleed at first. Pregnancy stopped, the baby stopped.”

Her husband jumped right in to say that “as disappointing as it is, my biggest concern is to make sure that LJ is okay and to tell the kids.” The couple agreed to simplify the explanation and told them that “parang it’s not a baby yet.”

With everything that happened, LJ still sees the glass as half full. She trusts in the Lord and His plans. She admits she doesn’t go to the doctor on a regular basis for checkups. “But because of this pregnancy, I found out I had three small nodules sa thyroid. I was given medication for that. If this pregnancy didn’t happen, I wouldn’t know that this was happening to me,” she said.

Jimmy chimes in, “And I think that’s what’s really important. If you are in your late 30s and early 40s, make sure to get your annual checkup. [We should] take care of ourselves as parents so that we’re around long enough to take care of them (kids).”

The couple ended the vlog by explaining why they wanted to share this experience with their followers. “To help you guys and to show you guys we’re not different than any of you who may have gone through this experience,” they said. “Again, in God’s time. Still thankful, still blessed.”