PTV Network to debut new studio

Published September 8, 2020, 2:58 PM

by Robert Requintina

Government-owned People’s Television Network will debut tonight, Sept. 8, its modern-looking studio via the news program “PTV News Tonight,” which airs 9:30 p.m.

News anchor Joee Guilas shared a photo of the new studio on Facebook.

“HELLO, STUDIO B. This will be the new home of the People’s Television Network’s newscasts after our successful relaunch yesterday. Here’s our new, modern looking set as well as a couple of samplers of our new program segments. Please tune in to PTV News Tonight, 9:30-10:30pm weeknights.

PTVNewsTonight #OnairMakeOver #PTVNews #ForTheNation,” said Guilas, also Corporate Communications Director at Resorts World Manila, on his caption.

Guilas said that he is enjoying his stint in government service (as news anchor for PTV4). For this guy, working for the government means serving the people.

“People who have known me for years would know that being in PTV is my very first foray into government service, having worked for some of the country’s biggest private companies in various capacities. I’d say working as a professional would have the same kind of a motivation for everyone whether they be in government or in the private sector—and that is to earn your keep and ensure your family will eventually have food on the table coming from fair and decent means. However, I guess the difference lies in who you do your job for when you think about working in those two worlds: more than economic reasons, when you work for the private sector, you basically do it for yourself; for your own personal fulfillment and career goals. When you work for the government, you must always realize that you’re doing it for the people—for government service means serving the people. And I am glad that working in PTV constantly reminds us of doing the news “for the nation,” he said.

Asked about his message to bashers of government, Guilas said: “There are no perfect institutions, no perfect systems. Be it in the private or government sectors, there will always be a mix of good and rotten fruits in the basket. People in government, however, get caught more easily since they are inevitably more open to public scrutiny being users of the people’s money. In terms of hard work poured into their jobs, however, I’d say both private and government professionals work pretty much at the same level, with the same goals of doing great jobs. Who wants to be a failure in what they do, anyway? Let us not be quick in judging people who work in government and hope instead that they succeed in their efforts to serve the people well.”