Meet the influencer sisters behind the leading proptech company that is coming to the PH soon

Published September 7, 2020, 11:52 AM

by Vianca Gamboa

Rhonda and Race Wong lead real estate innovation through Ohmyhome

Sisters and real estate experts Rhonda and Race Wong are excited to bring
Ohmyhome to the Philippines

Proptech or property technology is the new buzzword in the real estate industry. For starters, it simply digitalizes real estate for an interactive end-to-end experience, like augmented reality walkthroughs to uplift potential buyers’ confidence without driving off into the hill. As strict regulations and self-sufficient structures for tenants and property agents progress, the need for proptech becomes more and more crucial for tackling public health, security, and sustainability in the household.

Shifting to the smarter move may overwhelm veteran realtors in the industry, but not the alpha sisters behind the leading one-stop proptech platform. 

Rhonda and Race Wong have introduced Ohmyhome, a DIY interface that offers a seamless transaction process—from search and deal closing to legal services, housing loans from partner banks, conveyancing, and mortgage advisory from its professional agents—to save time, effort, and money in listing properties for sale. This makes daily business a breeze for both consumers and the market. It has generated 175,000 active users for the proptech start-up in Singapore and Malaysia ever since it opened in 2016.
Through the platform, property listings have an average days-on-market duration of 60 days and the shortest time it has taken to find a buyer or tenant is one day. Its agents can also find a buyer or tenant at twice the speed of the industry average.

“With the country’s newly rebooted economy leaving the local property market in a fluid state, Filipino property owners and seekers could use the speed, stability, and value-for-money services that Ohmyhome brings,” they said.

Before their third incursion into the region, let us do a little background check on these alpha women behind Ohmyhome first. 

Rhonda Wong: Passion, grit, and heart

Rhonda Wong is an expert on proptech and real estate, fueled by a vision of making life simple, efficient, and better for customers all over the world

As the chief executive officer and co-founder of Ohmyhome, I’m responsible for the overall management of the company and driving its growth. We started Ohmyhome with the vision to help property dwellers simplify their home transaction process and enjoy savings. We want to empower our clients to take control of their own homes, starting with the buying, selling, and renting processes. I started consulting for developers in 2013. Before that, I was a salesperson in Savills, where I was promoted to sales director within a year and recognized as “best newcomer.” My journey into Savills was spurred by my personal real estate investments.

At 29, I have established Anthill Realtors, a real estate agency, in 2014. Headquartered in Singapore, Anthill Realtors specialized in sourcing investment grade properties from within and abroad, with a one-of-a-kind concierge service. As a serial entrepreneur at heart, I have also worked on several businesses including retail in Singapore, import and export of equipment from the US, and acted as a consultant for children’s education in Suzhou, China.

A well-known, multi-awarded entrepreneur and sought-after mentor,
Rhonda Wong has worked on several retail and real estate businesses.

In setting up Ohmyhome with my sister, we have simply harnessed our vast experiences in the real estate industry to help consumers save time, effort, and money in their housing transactions.

Today, I am a mentor at entrepreneurial and proptech events, often invited to speak at schools and business leadership seminars. I give back to the community through volunteering across the world—from Detroit and Chicago to the Dominican Republic, Singapore, and Myanmar.

Rhonda Wong has earned prestigious recognition including Women of the Future in SEA 2020 for Property, Infrastructure and Construction, Founder of the Year at the 2019 Singapore Rice Bowl Startup Awards, and Women Icon at the Inaugural Women Icons Summit and Awards in 2017.

Race Wong: From CPop star to stellar CPO

Race Wong is an experienced entrepreneur in the real estate sector, with experience in marketing, communications, and sourcing commercial investments for corporations

As chief product officer of Ohmyhome, I’m responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of the company, including customer relations, product-related activities, and technology development.

I began conceptualizing Ohmyhome in 2015 when I came across some of the challenges that consumers encounter when buying, selling, and renting a home. This prompted me to develop smart solutions that simplify housing services. We wanted to make property transactions faster, convenient, and more efficient.

A social influencer with numerous followers in various platforms, Race Wong has garnered awards both from her work as a businesswoman and as a Cantopop artist

As a seasoned player in the real estate sector, I have initially harnessed experience from Anthill Corporation, which I co-founded with my sister Rhonda. I led the team in its marketing and communications activities and played a major role in expanding the business and sourcing commercial investments for corporations.

Prior to this, I was the marketing manager at Maybank Kim Eng Hong Kong. I helped integrate the bank’s online and offline trading experience. I also co-hosted events in Kuala Lumpur, including the opening of Maybank Kim Eng Hong Kong’s first retail shop, the launch of Kim Eng online trading platform, and IPO roadshows.

With my sister’s courage and mine, we believe Ohmyhome is poised to overcome all challenges as it further expands into the Philippines and other parts of Southeast Asia.

For her efforts in conceptualizing Singapore’s First One-Stop Property Solution, Race Wong was awarded the Glamour Award for Outstanding Woman in the Entrepreneur Category in 2019. Not just a businesswoman, Race is also a multi-awarded Cantopop artist in Hong Kong, with several music albums, TV dramas, and feature films to her name. She has represented international luxury brands Dior, Biotherm, Pantene, Baleno, and Glashutte.