Bus driver in Makati road mishap tests positive for drug use

Published September 5, 2020, 6:13 PM

by Jel Santos

The driver of a passenger bus that rammed 13 vehicles in Makati City Friday tested positive for illegal drug use, Makati Police chief Col. Oscar “Jack” Jacildo disclosed Saturday afternoon.

About 11 persons, including a Coast Guard officer, were injured after the passenger bus driven by Marlon Yandug Nacaytoma hit 11 motorcycles, a car, and another bus along Osmena Highway Friday morning.

“Driver Marlon Yandug Nacaytoma is confirmed positive for meth (shabu) based on [the] Chemistry Report Nr. DT-3618-2020S,” Jacildo told the Manila Bulletin in a text message.

Jacildo said Nacaytoma was smiling when he was arrested after the incident.

“It was as if he did not do anything wrong. He was even smiling when my men accosted him,” Jacildo said.

Nacaytoma’s behavior prompted Jacildo to request that he undergo a medical exam and drug test.

Jacildo said Nacaytoma did not stop after hitting a car and proceeded to ram 11 motorcycles and another bus waiting for the stop light to go green along Osmena Highway.

Nacaytoma claimed the brakes of the passenger bus he was driving failed in explaining the accident.

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