Telecom Tests 5G for Cloud Gaming in the Country

Published August 24, 2020, 1:43 PM

by Jonathan Castillo

Cloud gaming allows users to play video games without consoles or high-spec PCs. All you would need is a stable and fast internet speed to go with your device.

Globe, in partnership with, tested their 5G applications to cloud gaming.    

Globe’s 5G network played-out TEKKEN7 with a ultra-low latency. This allowed gamers who tested the 5G tech to play the game seamlessly with close to zero lags, something vital in the eSports community, and those who are avid MOBA players.

When Globe became the first mobile operator in Southeast Asia to introduce a commercial 5G network with AirFiber in 2019, it embarked on a journey to bring new and exciting innovations to its customers starting off with Globe at Home subscribers. And, shortly after, it introduced Globe 5G to its mobile customers in February of this year with Globe Platinum’s launch of the very first 5G mobile device in the country, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G. And, as Globe 5G rolls out to more areas and to more users, a lot more interesting applications are to be expected. Specific to the gaming industry, games based on augmented and virtual reality are closer than ever. 

“The continuous roll out of Globe 5G will not only change the way we play our favorite online or console-based games, but this is also a leap to a lot of other possibilities that this technology can bring. With Globe 5G, the future is closer than ever.”, said Coco Domingo, Globe’s Vice President for Strategic Platforms and Partnerships.

Globe Postpaid and Platinum customers only need a 5G-capable mobile phone to enjoy this cutting edge technology. Current Globe LTE SIM cards can also automatically work with 5G and receive 5G signal. 

Globe 5G is currently available in major commercial business districts in the Metro. Likewise, 5G enabled devices are offered on Globe Postpaid and Platinum plans for as low as Plan1499.