This grade three teacher is also a weekend farmer who earns from growing pineapples, part 2

Published August 20, 2020, 10:30 AM

by Vina Medenilla

In the first part, Lhea Mallillin, a full-time teacher and a weekend farmer, shared how her story in cultivating pineapple began and grew. Now, she shares some techniques that she got from planting to harvesting the golden fruit.  

Pineapple growing tips

After two years of farming pineapples, Mallillin offered several tips. Here’s what she said:

  1. Select quality materials (slips or suckers) for planting. Sorting materials with similar size and type is one thing to consider for uniform flowering and fruiting.
  2. The soil must be plowed and harrowed thoroughly until fine for the roots to grow easily. Allow plant debris to decompose first before planting. Organic matters are essential for faster growth.
  3. In planting, distance is very important. Rows are generally spaced from 80 to 100 cm apart and 25-30 cm apart from each plant. The more distance, the bigger the fruit. A full shade of sunlight is required.
  4. Avoid using harmful chemicals in dealing with weeds. In that way, you can produce safe food for your consumers while protecting Mother Earth.
  5. Fertilize the right kind at the right time and right amount.
  6. Planting pineapples requires a lot of patience and monitoring because you have to wait for 18-24 months to see the outcome. Apply the TLC (Tender Loving Care) and be sure to love what you do.

Photos from Lhea Mallillin.

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