Korean actors Kim Won-hae, Heo Dong-won test positive for COVID-19

Published August 20, 2020, 5:51 PM

by Jonathan Hicap

(From left) Seo Sung-jong, Kim Won-hae and Heo Dong-won (Play DB / SSGG Company / Ace Factory) 

Two Korean actors who have been in plays with actor Seo Sung-jong, who tested positive for coronavirus disease, are confirmed to have COVID-19 too.

They are actors Kim Won-hae, who acted in the dramas “Melting Me Softly,” “He Is Psychometric” and “Hotel Del Luna,” and Heo Dong-won, who appeared in “The King: Eternal Monarch.” They underwent testing and their results came back positive for coronavirus. 

Twe two are co-stars of Seo Sung-jung in the plays “Jjamppong” and “Cattle,” which cancelled performances on Aug. 19 when Seo tested positive.  

Kim Won-hae’s agency, SSGG Company, confirmed on Aug. 20 that the 51-year-old star “tested positive for COVID-19.”  He went under self-quarantine after undergoing coronavirus testing on Aug. 19. He is planning to be admitted to a hospital when a bed becomes available. His manager tested negative. 

On the other hand, besides being in the plays, Seo Sung-jong and Heo Dong-won, 40, are also appearing in the upcoming K-drama series  “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol.” Heo Dong-won’s positive test result came out on Aug. 19. 

Seo Sung-jong was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Aug. 19 and as a result, the shooting for the drama “Men are Men” was stopped. 

Some of the staff in “Men are Men” are also working in “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol.” Because of this, the filming for “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” was also cancelled as the staff members await the results of their tests.  

But with Heo Dong-won also confirmed as having the virus, the date when the shooting will resume is now unclear. 

The number of daily coronavirus cases in South Korea has dramatically increased in the last two weeks. Korean authorities said there are 288 new COVID-19 on Aug. 20 to bring the total to 16,346 including 14,063 who have recovered and 307 deaths, leaving 1,976 active cases.