Bandang Lapis song 'Kabilang Buhay' goes viral

Bandang Lapis is composed of John Lester Abano, Lyn Rey Beltran, Mark Jay Nievas, Ryanpaul Marangga, Leanro Rapuno, Jomari Gabriel Luna and Ivan Arcena Morallos

The city of Antipolo, Rizal may just have found its first hit music group this year in Bandang Lapis.

The band has climbed the charts with "Kabilang Buhay." It's one of the top songs on YouTube PH, hitting the number 15 spot last week. The band also broke into Spotify's Viral 50 (Philippines) chart, initially making their debut at number 33 then making the big jump to number 17 within a week. It's currently in the Top 3.

The music video of "Kabilang Buhay" has quickly ballooned from 2.7 million views to 3.3 million views.

Bandang Lapis is composed of singer John Lester Abano, guitarists Lyn Rey Beltran and Mark Jay Nievas, bassist Ryanpaul Marangga, drummer Leanro Rapuno, keyboardist Jomari Gabriel Luna and rapper Ivan Arcena Morallos. They have made the rounds of the live circuit scene and have hustled big. Having signed with Manila-based entertainment company and label, Viva Records, would only push them to higher ground.