Wendy finally back with Red Velvet

After eight months in hiatus, Red Velvet’s Wendy will finally participate in some of the upcoming activities of her group.

A source from Red Velvet’s agency SM Entertainment told Korean news portal Soompi that Wendy has already “recovered significantly.”

The source however clarified that Wendy will only participate in activities “that are not too strenuous for her.”

On Aug. 19, SM Entertainment uploaded teaser photos for Red Velvet’s cover of BoA’s “Milky Way,” which will be part of a project celebrating the latter’s 20th debut anniversary.

The teaser photos included Wendy’s, which made fans ecstatic about her return.

“Wendy” and “Wendy is Back” trended on Twitter worldwide shortly after the teaser photos were posted.

In December 2019, Wendy fell from the stage while rehearsing for individual performance at the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon.

Wendy sustained “injuries to her face and fractures in her pelvis and wrist on the right side of her body,” according to SM Enerianmtent.