PSA Forum: Jump Rope Ass'n: More than just skipping rope

Noel Agra

No mere child play this traditional street activity is now being envisioned to be.

From a mere pastime and a training sidelight, jump rope is becoming a serious sport in the country with the creation of the Philippine Jump Rope Association (PJRA).

PJRA president Noel Agra said the idea of forming an association came during the Enhanced Community Quarantine period where people are resorting to indoor training.

“We want to share our love for the sport and to encourage people to be more familiar with jump rope other than just a hobby,” he said during Tuesday’s Philippine Sportswriters Association Forum held online.

Agra said they have already applied for recognition and membership to the International Jump Rope Union and the Philippine Olympic Committee to push through with their plans of discovering athletes and coaches, as well as participating in international tournaments.

“We are just waiting for their replies,” he said, adding that the application to both international and national committees is a big stepping-stone for their future programs.

The association currently has 148 members across the country.

At the moment, the PRJA is looking at holding six online events for age groupers, competitive athletes and differently-abled people to make their presence felt in the mainstream.

Their target online tournament is in September, where it will be up to international standards.

They are also encouraging other enthusiasts to take certifications to become credible coaches in order to mentor aspiring athletes.

Agra, who has been in the sport for five years, said he took two coaching certifications.

With the country still in quarantine, Agra hopes more people will be engaged in the sport due to its accessibility and affordability.

“It’s a challenging sport, but it’s for everyone,” he said.

“There are footworks and handworks that you need to study, but it’s fun. It’s a great cardio tool. We hope that the sport will get some local attention.”