60,000 waitlisted Pasay families to receive double SAP funds

Published August 11, 2020, 5:25 PM

by Jean Fernando

About 60,661 families in Pasay City that did not receive the national government’s Social Amelioration Program (SAP) funds in its first tranche distribution and were categorized as “waitlisted” are set to receive their allocation starting this week through financial services providers.

According to Mayor Emi Calixto-Rubiano, the Department of Social Welfare and Development in the National Capital Region (DSWD-NCR), through its partner financial services provider, Starypay, has assigned financial institutions Universal Storefront Services Corporation (USSC) to service 42,165 families coming from 112 barangays of the total 201 barangays in the city, and M Lhuillier to serve the remaining 18,466 families.

“Our Pasayeño families, particularly those who have been waitlisted, are now about to receive their SAP funds which they can use to buy food, medicines and other essential provisions. In their behalf, the Pasay LGU is thanking President Rodrigo Duterte, who through the DSWD really ensured this needed assistance to our people under the joint effort with our LGU,” Rubiano said.

USSC Director Romeo Estopace Jr. said that to make the distribution of funds more efficient, more manageable in terms of ensuring health protocols against the coronavirus, and with minimized inconveniences especially on the part of the beneficiaries, six big barangays with a total of 11,028 beneficiaries are scheduled to get their funds through “onsite distribution set-up” with the help of their respective barangay officials and representatives from the DSWD and local government unit through the Pasay Social Welfare and Development (PSWD).

Rubiano called on barangay officials to “ensure the orderly, safe and efficient conduct of this activity in their areas of jurisdiction.” 

The funds are to be distributed onsite on: Aug. 14, Barangays 178 and 179; Aug. 15 and 16, Barangays 183 and 184; and Aug. 17, Barangays 177 and 194.

Estopace said they will use 10 payout terminals in each of the six barangays per day, capable of processing payouts at the rate of three minutes per transaction, or some 160 beneficiaries per terminal for a maximum of 1,600 beneficiaries in a day in each barangay.

He said that beneficiaries who are not residents of the six big barangays will each receive a text message (SMS) notification from Starpay indicating the availability of their own allocations. They may then get their funds from any of USSC’s eight stores in Pasay, as well as those of M Lhuillier’s, or at the outlet nearest their location.

Estopace also explained that beneficiaries must bring their Starpay control number and valid identification card or a  barangay certificate.

He also said that all waitlisted beneficiaries will get a “double payout,” meaning they will receive the first tranche allocation of P8,000 and the second tranche  of another P8,000, for a total of P16,000, to be deducted a P100 processing fee by either USSC or M Lhuillier for a total net payout of P15,900.

Meanwhile, beneficiaries who were not waitlisted and received funds in the first tranche distribution and are anticipating their second tranche allocation were advised to wait for further notice.