Did questions about her love life nearly irk Julia Barretto?

Julia Barretto (Instagram)

Young star Julia Barretto remains firm on her resolve to keep her relationship private even when many people try to get her to spill the beans.

On her recent vlog, a "mukbang" episode where the subject consumes large quantities of food while interacting with viewers, Julia tried to answer questions but ended up "failing."

After answering only five questions, the almost five-minute video ended with her saying, "Why is everyone asking about my love life? I'm not gonna answer the question, ever again."

It was last May when the 23-year-old star opened up about her love life.

Asked what's new with her as far as love life goes, she answered: "Well you know, my heart is fine right now, actually, thankfully, it's happy right now."

Though she didn't mention any name, Julia won't say if she's single or in a relationship.

"I think I wanna keep people wondering..." 

Back then, Julia noted that with what's happening in the country these days, her love life should be the least of people's concerns.

The actress did share lessons learned from past relationships.

"When it comes to love, if it's something you really want to last or work out, protect it as much as you can and don't share too much about it.

"I think the less people know about something, the less they could have an opinion about it," she added. "So now I want things to work out, I want things to last and I'm gonna protect it with all that I have. I'm gonna keep a lot of things to myself from now on when it comes to that aspect in my life."

It was last March when Julia seemingly hinted she's seeing someone new after she and Joshua Garcia went their separate ways.

Back then, she shared on Instagram that she spent her birthday with her family and a "loved one."