Cebu City to get tougher on protocol violators

CEBU CITY—Starting August 16, the city government will be imposing stiffer penalties against those caught violating community quarantine protocols.

          Approved last June 26, the ordinance, which was authored by City Councilors Dave Tumulak, Raymond Garcia and Phillip Zafra, will penalize violators with fines as much as P5,000, and a 30-day imprisonment depending on the discretion of the court.

          The ordinance stated that while the city remains under community quarantine, the public has to observe the mandatory wearing of face masks and observing 1.5-meter social distancing in public places and in commercial and business establishments.

When on board public and private vehicles, one-meter physical distancing must be observed. The ordinance is also urging the public to follow the stay-at-home order and the use of quarantine pass when going outside the houses to run errands.

          The city is under general community quarantine status until Aug. 15.

          Violation of the ordinance may lead to the forfeiture of benefits and allowances provided by the city government for two years from the imposition of penalty.

          Revocation of business permits or closure may be imposed on establishments caught violating the ordinance.