Former K-pop group AOA member Mina reveals attempt to harm self anew

Published August 7, 2020, 9:30 AM

by Jonathan Hicap

Former AOA member Mina (Instagram)

Former K-pop girl group AOA member Mina continues to experience severe mental suffering from the alleged bullying she experienced for a decade while in the band and recently revealed she tried to commit suicide again. 

It’s been a month since Mina exposed that she was bullied by AOA leader Jimin for 10 years during her trainee days and while she was in the girl group that drove her to attempt to take her own life. She made her debut in AOA in 2012 and left the group in May 2019 when her contract expired. 

Her revelation prompted Jimin to quit AOA. In one post, Mina alleged Jimin brought a man to AOA’s dormitory and got intimate with him. 

In her latest Instagram post, she wrote about what she deems to be Jimin’s insincere apology while chatting with a representative from FNC Entertainment, her former agency. After she uploaded a post early last month, Jimin and other AOA members went to her house to talk. Jimin also uploaded an apology on Instagram. 

“They said that she begged the FNC representative for forgiveness in that announcement? Please don’t lie. After I sent a message to the representative, this person told me he would check it. A long while later, he said that according to his perspective, it’s true that she apologized. The person who came to apologize had her eyes that wide open, looked for a knife, and couldn’t remember what she said. She was looking at me in the eyes and told me she didn’t remember anything, well, I’ll accept her apology and let it go,” Mina said, according to Osen. 

She added in part, “Anyway, I was so surprised to see the KakaoTalk message from the FNC Entertainment representative, so I tried to kill myself again. But the current company’s younger manager quickly ran over and took me to a university hospital…”

In its announcement last month, FNC Entertainment said Jimin “has decided to leave AOA and stop all entertainment activities” but Mina doesn’t believe it. 

“She said she would stop her entertainment activities but it seems like she will just come back when things quiet down. I can’t see that happen. I’ve suffered more than that for 11 years. Meanwhile, she still has Instagram and YouTube. People are wondering why I’m here and talking like this? At least I’m confident that I did not lie and she will never know what I’ve been through. She posted the word ‘fiction’ on SNS but deleted it after her manager told her to, then took some medicine and slept well.”

Mina added that “I’ve passed out dozens of times from the stress, and I still do now. But I will be better then. I will recover steadily and try to just look forward to living on. I’m trying so hard, but from FNC to that sister, is it really difficult for a sincere apology? I was originally a person who did not think much, who was happy, optimistic, and did not need to use depression drugs, sleeping pills, or suffered from social phobia or social anxiety disorder. A person who used to sleep 15 hours a day like me now only sleeps 1 hour and then wakes up.”

After leaving FNC Entertainment, Mina focused on her acting career and she signed up with a new agency. 

She said she uploaded the post “since I was so upset, frustrated, and angry that I couldn’t sleep. It’s because I don’t understand why I’m constantly suffering damage, I don’t know who I should tell this or who will compensate for a damaged person like me, and I hope that no one will have to suffer like me in the future.”