Who is Toto Mangudadatu, and why is his love life so juicy?

Published August 6, 2020, 3:11 PM

by Krizette Laureta-Chu

Get to know Congressman Toto Mangudadatu,  modern Cassanova

Cast of characters:

Mylene Mangudadatu – wronged wife (photo from her FB)
Toto Mangudadatu – allegedly cheating husband (photo from his FB fanpage)
Sharifa Akeel – alleged lady love, Miss Asia Pacific International 2018 (photo from her FB)

Congressman Esmael “Toto” Mangudadatu is in a bind.

His wife Mylene Mangudadatu, has done what supposedly servile politician wives shouldn’t have… brought him shame by calling out his womanizing.

She’s posted flaming messages on Facebook, she’s named his alleged women, and this above all means she’s dead serious, she complained to the arbiter of justice for the modern Filipino, Raffy Tulfo. 

If you think she’ll leave it at that, she hasn’t. Mylene just wouldn’t let it go. In a now viral screenshot: She offered readers their gadget of choice—or the engagement ring Toto has given to her, whatever it is their heart desires—if they could send her photos of Toto and his alleged (according to Mylene) new love, Miss Asia Pacific International 2018 Sharifa Areef Mohammad Omar Akeel during one of the flights they’ve supposedly take together. 

Screen shot of Mylene’s post

The internet is abuzz with the juicy allegations Mylene has made, including the passive-aggressive mocking of Sharifa, after Mylene reveals that Toto now has another lady love named Michelle Schulte. She’s also gotten in a verbal tussle with one of Toto’s children, who goes by the name KuyaKing T. Mangudadatu, who commented that she should leave his father alone (and said something like, ‘You’re just one of many.’ #OUCH.) 

KuyaKing’s comment

So who is Toto Mangudadatu?

Toto first broke into our consciousness as the former vice mayor candidate of Buluan in Maguindanao in 2009. His candidacy directly challenged the power of the Ampatuans. Now you probably know the ending of this tragic story. Believing that Muslim tradition would prevent his rivals from attacking his convoy, and that the presence of mediamen would stop Ampatuan from blatant violence, Toto asked his wife Genalyn to lead his group of supporters, including women relatives, in a convoy to file his certificate of candidacy. 

The convoy was met by armed men who fired at them. It has been called “the biggest bloodbath of journalists in media’s history” by Reporters without Borders. Ampatuan’s men took out 57 people, including Toto’s wife Genalyn, Toto’s sisters, lawyers, and 32 journalists. Genalyn suffered a lot—she sustained 17 gunshot wounds. 

A year after her death, Toto very much publicly took up with sexy star Ynez Veneracion. In an interview with Winnie Monsod, Toto says his wife Gigi was the love of his life. They had nine children together, one of whom passed away due to dengue.

Toto and Ynez didn’t last, but he claims to regularly give financial support to his love child with Veneracion, who is now based in Manila.

Toto then married Mylene “Mai” Aguilar Maligaya Mangudadatu, who herself is a former beauty queen, winning Bb Muntinlupa in 2005. She was, quite ironically, given the Miss Friendship award. 

On June 26, 2020, Mylene appeared on the TV5 show “Wanted sa Radyo” hosted by Raffy Tulfo. She accused her husband Esmael “Toto” Gaguil Mangudadatu, who is 51, of having an affair with Sharifa, who is 22.

According to Mylene, she is spending the quarantine period in Manila during the pandemic. She said, meanwhile, that her husband is with Akeel in Mindanao.

Tulfo said Akeel initially agreed to appear on “Wanted sa Radyo” but later on ignored the calls of the show’s staff. 

Neither Toto nor Akeel has responded to Mylene’s accusations so far—which means, this is going to get even more juicy.