Manila Bulletin introduces its own Viber stickers

Published August 4, 2020, 1:13 PM

by Jessica Pag-iwayan

A cool, fun way of engaging with the latest news and happenings online

Every day, there’s so much happening around us—from our daily grinds, workloads, to updates about the COVID-19 pandemic. With lots of topics keeping ourselves updated, we are being bombarded with too many information on our social media feeds and in the Internet, to the point that keeping track of the news that truly matters is becoming a challenge.

To cope with this, Manila Bulletin, the country’s 120-year-old news publication, delivers timely, reliable news to its readers through its Viber community. Here, every day’s biggest headlines, breaking news, and updates about the latest happenings are delivered straight to its members’ phone. And to make the conversation about the latest happenings even livelier, the publication also unveils 20 especially designed Viber stickers.

Fun, engaging Manila Bulletin Viber stickers

The exclusive Manila Bulletin Viber stickers are designed to resonate for readers of all ages, as these encompass different cultural aspects—from the city’s landmarks, online slang language, to artworks that remind everyone not to be a victim of fake news.

“The Manila Bulletin is launching its Viber stickers to animate and inspire people to read,” say Manila Bulletin Executive Vice President Sonny Coloma. “MB fully commits to be a reliable source of truthful, fact-checked, and reliable information contained in stories that are told well—and some of these Viber stickers say these: ‘Check this out,’ ‘Facts only, please,’ and ‘Worth sharing.’”

For landmark designs, the multimedia company pays tribute to its hometown, as the sticker set includes Manila City Hall and Luneta’s images. To complete the package, there’s also Mayor Isko Moreno’s cute caricature.

For the social media savvy, there are different Internet lingos to choose from such as #Lit, #Goals, and of course the #Feels. To show our affection to the people that we love, especially now in the time of COVID-19 pandemic, there’s Stay Safe, sticker as well.

After all the fun, these stickers also remind everyone about the importance of getting information from the reliable news sources. With that, there’s #NotoFakeNews, Anong balita ngayon, and the Manila Bulletin’s 120th anniversary’s tagline—“Timely stories, timeless truths,” as these stickers’ launch also coincides with the publication’s 120th anniversary celebration this year. 

“By joining MB’s Viber community, our readers and followers can be assured that: first, the news they learn about are factual and they would not fall prey to fake news; second, they will learn valuable information; and third, they could be inspired and empowered by the stories they read,” Coloma says.

By downloading the Manila Bulletin Viber stickers here, Viber users will automatically be part of MB’s community. Stickers may be used in any of the users’ conversations and group chats on the app.