DOH shifts to community-focused strategy vs virus

The Department of Health (DoH) said Monday it will shift to a community-focused strategy in a bid to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 starting from the barangay level.


A significant increase in COVID-19 cases which is “primarily driven by clusters within barangays” prompted the department to focus its resources on the barangay level and shift to a community-focused strategy to address “the rise in cases at the root.”

The Health department said it will implement the Coordinated Operations to Defeat Epidemic (CODE) beginning Aug. 3.

It is a patient and community-focused response strategy with key elements incorporated from the prevent-detect-isolate-test-treat strategy. It will include community engagement activities to promote preventive behaviors, active case finding via house-to-house symptom checks, RT-PCR testing for symptomatic patients, and “Oplan: Kalinga” application for those needing quarantine and isolation.

“Through this initiative, support from the national government is provided to LGUs, particularly those with high-risk community transmission and those with limited capabilities and resources,” the Health department said.

“This strategy will also buy time for the healthcare system and healthcare workers to recuperate, and for the formulation of a substitution team that will augment our exhausted forces,” it added.

The Health department also said it will meet with the Alliance of Health Care Professionals on Friday to recalibrate the current strategy against COVID-19.

Filipinos experiencing mild symptoms were told anew to isolate themselves temporarily in quarantine facilities if they don't have their own rooms and bathrooms at home while patients who will require facility admission, whether in hospitals or quarantine and isolation facilities, will be aided by the One Hospital Command System.

Individuals experiencing symptoms may also contact the dedicated DOH COVID Hotline at 1555 and 02-894-COVID (26843), or dedicated Telemedicine providers for assessment.