Siquijor records first two COVID-19 cases

Published August 2, 2020, 11:51 AM

by Minerva Newman

SIQUIJOR ISLAND — This island province recorded its first coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases from two locally stranded individuals (LSIs) from Manila, who arrived recently, and are now in a quarantine facility.

The provincial government of Siquijor was saddened about this development as the province had been able to stay COVID-19 free for seven months with its stringent implementation of health and safety measures.

In an official statement, Siquijor Governor Zaldy Villa called for understanding as he made it clear that the new cases did not come from local transmission. 

He assured the public that the medical personnel and other frontliners were doing their best to implement the necessary measures to contain the virus, and stop its spread to other areas in Siquijor and to the Siquijodnons.

Villa appealed for sobriety and concerted efforts, prayers and understanding to the affected individuals, as well as the medical and other frontliners who would be taking care of the health and safety protocols to the LSIs and the Siquijor community.

Villa said that the two COVID-19 cases were residents of Lazi and Larena towns, and were both LSIs who came from Manila. 

“I ask the people of Siquijor to pray for the safety of our front liners and the rest of Siquijor.  I also appeal for understanding to protect the rights and safety of the affected individuals and other LSIs,” Villa said.