CrossFit Games to implement own ‘bubble’

Published July 31, 2020, 6:05 PM

by Carlo Anolin

The 2020 CrossFit Games, postponed to September, will be implementing its own safety health protocols through an NBA-style ‘bubble.’ (CrossFit Games Images)

The postponed CrossFit Games will be implementing its own safety and health protocols, adopting an NBA-style “bubble” community to lessen the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

The protocol highlights the sending of CrossFit Medical Team, a group of experts and experienced medical professionals, in the bubble.

In an Instagram post Tuesday, CrossFit said the medical team operates in partnership with Drug Free Sport, the official testing agency for other leagues such as NBA, NFL and NASCAR among others.

The CrossFit Medical Team, which will be on-site at all times, will serve both as COVID-19 testing consultants and Drug Policy testing provider.

“It is important to the CrossFit Games to protect athletes, staff, volunteers, and anyone else on site at our annual event,” CrossFit wrote.

“Safety protocols and procedures surrounding competition, along with emergency action plans that cover all personnel and fans, have been part of the CrossFit Games since 2013.”

With the new protocol, all athletes, coaches and staff will be screened and tested before traveling and upon arrival before coming into the bubble.

Individuals tested will have to produce negative screenings and must have two negative outcomes for active infection.

The Games, which will be held in September, also restricted interactions between those individuals in the bubble and those outside the public.

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Basic protocols include wearing of face masks, practicing of social distancing, checking of temperature and sanitizing of hands, surfaces and work stations.

“Beyond the protocols that we have publicly released, we also have developed detailed plans for a range of contingencies, including an athlete or staff member who tests positive,” Justin Bergh, general manager of the CrossFit Games, told Morning Chalk Up.

“We will continue to modify and communicate adjustments to our plan as we observe other events and as we release our own event specific details closer to the competition.”

Meanwhile, Dave Castro, director of the Games, clarified that the bubble setup is “similar to the NBA, but not identical.”

The bubble comprises of the actual competition venue and a hotel for the athletes’ temporary shelter, the same style NBA implemented at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

“But we’re taking leads from a lot of the best practices from some of the major sports and major divisions out there,” Castro told the Masters Fitness Collective podcast