American actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt invites Pinoys to do voice acting

Published July 31, 2020, 7:24 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Instagram/TED)

American actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is inviting Filipinos to try out for his project.

On Facebook, the 39-year-old filmmaker, singer, and entrepreneur asked his fans and followers if there’s anyone from the Philippines interested in trying voice acting.

“All I need you to do is read one word out loud in Filipino/Tagalog. Give it a shot here:,” he wrote.

In the About Me section of the Facebook page, Joseph shared he directs Hitrecord, an open-collaborative production company established in 2010, which is an internet thing for being “creative.”

“But it’s not just about getting attention. It’s about making things with other people,” he related.

From the website, people would be directed to the “Poetry Around the World.”

“I love how much poetry as an art form draws upon the quirks, rhythms, and nuances of the language it’s written in. Neruda is one of my favorite poets, and reading his poems in Spanish vs. the translations in English always fascinates me — they’re beautiful in both, but the rhythms and subtle cadences are so different in the translation,” the project overview read.

“I wanted to start a project where we can collect poetry written in many different languages and see what larger projects they might spark. Maybe community members who are multi-lingual can eventually translate a few poems, and we can see how they evolve and change in the process.”

In there, people could express themselves through recording or writing. They can either record themselves saying “poetry” in their native language or write a poem in their native language.

“Hit the green CONTRIBUTE button to record yourself saying “POETRY” in your native language… Write a poem in your native language about any topic you’d like. It can be short (4 lines or less) or long, whatever you’re feeling inspired to write,” the instructions read.