Number coding is still suspended -- MMDA

After still receiving many queries regarding the number coding scheme, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) on Sunday (July 26) reiterated that the number coding will still remain lifted.


MMDA spokesperson Assistant Secretary Celine Pialago  said the number coding scheme is still suspended until further notice.

"We've been receiving many queries about the number coding scheme. The thing is that it is still suspended indefinitely," she said.

"The MMDA will announce if the number coding scheme will be imposed again," Pialago added.

The modes of transportation available are still insufficient that is why the MMDA is not reimplementing it, the MMDA spokesperson explained.

"The MMDA wants to help our commuters during these hard times. Again, there is still no number coding."

With the continuous rise of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases, Pialago urged the public to stay at home.

"You are safe at home. Please do not go outside if you do not have anything vital or important to do outside your houses," she said. 

"If you really need to go outside, always practice social distancing and properly wear your face mask. Also,  observe health protocols of the Department of Health in order for you not to contract COVID-19."