Missing the beach? Experience a belated summer in this property south of Manila

Published July 25, 2020, 8:05 AM

by Johannes Chua

Make this place a relaxing getaway or your permanent address

For many of us who were confined to the safety of our homes during the enhanced community quarantine, staying indoors at the height of summer was a challenge. Even with electric fans, air conditioners, and a steady supply of cold drinks, we found ourselves craving for the sand under our feet, sea breeze cooling our skin, and cocktails enjoyed with family and friends beside a pool.

Now, it’s time to relax and wean yourself from the stress and anxiety of the past few months. The health-giving sea breeze south of Manila beckons, along with the calming beach scenery that is guaranteed to help restore your vitality.

For that, one of the nearest is Hamilo Coast, a 90-minute drive south of Manila. It takes travelers to a natural wonderland in the heart of Nasugbu, Batangas. Here, everything that one can possibly look for in a belated summer getaway is featured in one location.

Blue skies and clear waters make Pico de Loro Cove worth a visit

Active Fun in the Sun

Hamilo Coast is surrounded by rising mountains with lush forests. Down below, there are 13 unique natural coves where marine wildlife native to the region thrive and thrill those adventurous enough to plunge into the clear blue waters.

Likewise, beachcombers and athletic types will certainly be drawn to the pristine beauty of white sand coastlines and its promise of romantic sunset walks. Offering activities scattered throughout the full expanse of the development, leisurely pursuits run from energetic land and water sports to more laidback but equally fun indoor activities.

White sand coastline is a venue for romantic sunset walks

Summer may have passed and given the abruptly shortened school year, it helps to keep the kids keen on learning regardless of the season. Through the Santelmo Nature Trail, kids can take in the amazing scenery while learning more about the region’s endemic flora and fauna.

Bird-watching throughout the property serves as an introduction to ornithology and encourages a better appreciation for our fine-feathered friends. Likewise, meandering through the mangrove forest will give young guests a better idea on how these unique organisms work and how they are instrumental in keeping the delicate balance of the natural environment.

Pico de Loro Cove, the primary development within Hamilo Coast, is a place where sun, fun, and surf all come together to deliver on a promise of a good time. With over 1.5 kilometers of white sand beach, a seaside jog or walk is the perfect way to start or end the day. 

Those who aren’t really into the outdoors, on the other hand, can have a good time at any of the swimming pools at the Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club.

Restful Escape

Of course, not everyone wants to stay out in the sunshine, preferring to stay in the relaxing cool indoors. But even they have a number options to stay happy and active during their stay.

The Beach Club offers captivating view of the West Philippine Sea and access to the Pico Beach

The Pico de Loro Country Club, in particular, has several indoor courts for anyone who wants to shoot some hoops or a enjoy a game of volleyball. Courts are also available for those into racket sports, such as tennis, badminton, and squash. The bowling and billiards facility also offers fun for those who want to enjoy some friendly competition. 

Musically inclined guests will be happy to belt out a tune or two at any of the videoke rooms, while die-hard digital gamers have a space to call their own. 

All that fun can certainly work up an appetite, and Chef Pat Obia and his team serve delectable specialties from across the globe at the Coast’s various dining establishments. Those looking for a laidback way to end the day can enjoy a selection of mixed sundowners to sip as they wind down along with sunset.

Plus, with residential developments like Freia rising within Pico de Loro Cove, it’s a place that a number of people now consider their home – and, for some, probably their permanent address.

Whether you come to Hamilo Coast for an active afternoon or a relaxing getaway, the belated summer is bound to be more fun at this tropical paradise just south of Manila.