Play Gran Turismo on PS4 and represent the Philippines

Published July 22, 2020, 10:44 PM

by Inigo Roces

How to Join Toyota’s GR Supra GT Cup Asia – Philippines

Toyota is searching for the country’s best Gran Turismo drivers.

Who says there’s no future in video games? Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) believes the next superstar racecar driver could be you.

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) recently launched its first virtual motorsport competition, the GR Supra GT Cup Asia – Philippines. The event is searching for the top Pinoy esports racing champion to field against Asia’s racing champions.

Through the GR Supra GT Cup Asia – Philippines, Toyota Philippines hopes to find the country’s best esports racers to represent the Philippines and bring honor to the country in an international motorsport event. The current situation is no obstacle at all as it all happens online.

How to join

The journey starts by registering for free at their official website. There are two major open categories, the Promotional Class for novice, casual virtual racers or enthusiasts and the Sporting Class for more advanced racers with professional virtual motorsports experience.

The competition is open to Filipino citizens with a valid Philippine passport, aged 18 and above. Players must have access to a Playstation 4 using their own active PSN account and PS Plus subscription, as well as a copy of the Gran Turismo Sport game.

After registration and submission of requirements, qualified applicants will be notified on official game rules and schedules. Official racers will then join a qualifying leaderboard challenge to identify the Top 24 from each class. The Top 24 will then race in the semi-final and the final race heats, and points will be assigned based on finishing time.

Three rounds of competition

Participants can compete from their own homes.

The first round qualifiers happen on July 23, 2020, while the finals happen a week after. A second and third round will happen in August and September respectively, with point values increasing at each round. Players will need to qualify for each round. The players from the two classes to accumulate the most points after the third round will be declared the Philippine champions and will participate in the Asian Regional Round in October.

Two special classes are also open: the Celebrity and Media class where the third Philippine champion will come from, and the Junior class for players below 18 years old.

The GR Supra GT Cup Asia – Philippines is a motorsport program under Toyota’s global Gazoo Racing brand. The Philippine leg is being staged by TMP in partnership with Tuason Racing. This activity expands TMP’s local motorsport development program, which includes its premier one-make-race, the Vios Racing Festival set to resume in 2021 once it’s already declared safe to hold mass gatherings and public events.

For more information about Toyota’s activities, products, and services in the Philippines, visit their official website or follow their official social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.