‘The Umbrella Academy’ is set to return for a second season on Netflix this month

Published July 10, 2020, 2:04 PM

by MB Lifestyle

The exquisite seven are back!

By Seven Bueno 

Back in 2019, Netflix produced an original action-packed sci-fi drama called The Umbrella Academy, based on the comic book series of the same title by Gerard Way. With pretty good viewer ratings and a really mindboggling ending for its first season, Netflix through the seven main cast members of The Umbrella Academy confirmed—while the rest of the world was under quarantine—that a second season would be available for viewing later this month! 

So before we jump to the new season, let’s recap what we got to know about the characters from season one. (Warning: a few spoilers coming up!)

After 43 women around the world gave birth at the same time without being pregnant beforehand, an eccentric and extremely intelligent billionaire named Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) adopted seven of the children born that day. Discovering that they all had unique powers, he decided to establish The Umbrella Academy to maximize their potential, all while saving the world from crime and chaos. 

Number One: Luther Hargreeves 

Also called “Space Boy,” after being sent to the moon by his adoptive father, Luther (Tom Hopper) is super strong. We find out in the middle of season one that his gorilla body was caused by a mission that went haywire. Although it wasn’t stated in the show, he seems to have some sort of obsessive compulsive personality disorder due to being seen as the leader since his childhood. Perhaps his personality adds to the drama and conflict. 

Number Two: Diego Hargreeves 

Diego (David Castañeda) has a pretty unique special ability: He can change the trajectory of any knife he throws mid-flight. He also has a pretty strong rivalry with Luther and, throughout the first season, the two always had at least one disagreement per episode, most of which led to catastrophic results. His soft side shows up eventually, after the death of Detective Eudora Patch (Ashley Madekwe), his ex-girlfriend. 

Number Three: Allison Hargreeves 

Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) is introduced as a divorced actress who lost custody of her daughter after she had accidentally used her superpowers on the disobedient child. Number Three is able to control people by using the phrase “I heard a rumor that…,” and whatever she says after would come true. Major spoiler: Allison and Luther get things going in season one, after they continued an unfinished meal they had as kids… We’ll see if the ship would continue sailing to the same direction next season. 

Number Four: Klaus Hargreeves 

Klaus (Robert Sheehan) serves as the comedic relief to the oh-so-serious group. He isn’t taken very seriously throughout most of the first season because of his drug issues. Although he seems unreliable because of his mental state, he had some heroic moments. He used his ability of communicating with the dead to reveal that their foster dad Reginald committed suicide to bring everyone back together to save the world. This is soon confirmed by the talking chimpanzee butler, Mr. Pogo (Adam Godley). Through backstories in the series, we also find out that Klaus somehow fought during the Vietnam war. 

Number Five: Number Five 

Number Five (Aidan Gallagher) is the only one who did not get a name from their robot mother Grace (Jordan Claire Robbins). His special ability? Teleportation. When he was 13 years old, he tried to take it up a notch by time traveling to the future, which he did but he got stuck in a post-apocalyptic world for 43 years. He eventually finds a way back to the present, where he reveals to his foster siblings—albeit with great difficulty because he reappeared in his 13-year-old self—that there are only a few days till the apocalypse. Number Five has a strange love interest with Dolores, a department store mannequin. 

Number Six: Ben Hargreeves 

Ben (Justin H. Min) is the dead Umbrella sibling, but this doesn’t stop him from contributing to the team. He serves as the guardian angel of Klaus and pretty much guides him throughout the entire first season. In the last episode, he reveals himself to the others through the help of Klaus, and he uses his powers to help save the rest of the team just minutes before the apocalypse happens. Some say that his powers, when compared to the Stranger Things series, is similar to the tree where demigorgons emerge from: Ben can channel “eldritch creatures” from his stomach. 

Number Seven: Vanya Hargreeves 

Throughout her life, Vanya (Ellen Page) was made to believe that she was ordinary. She is the only member of The Umbrella Academy who was sent elsewhere to finish her education, becoming a violinist barely making a mark in the local music scene. This all changes when she tutors a student named Leonard Peabody (John Magaro) who awakens Vanya’s hidden superpowers. She is, in fact, the strongest among the seven members, which is why it was kept secret even from her. And it was her powers that sent a part of the moon crashing down toward the earth, triggering the apocalypse. 

Season one ended with a cliffhanger, with all seven members of the Academy holding hands in the hopes that Number Five can send them all back in time to prevent the apocalypse from happening. There are a lot of questions lingering in the air since the February 2019 season finale. Did they save the world? Will everyone be back for season two? Will Allison finally be able to make Luther meet Claire? What’s left  for the Commission (aka the time travel police)? 

All we know right now is that there is a trailer made out of home-filmed videos by all seven members of The Umbrella Academy dancing to “I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tiffany, which announced that season two is indeed happening. And soon. 

Catch The Umbrella Academy on Netflix this July 30, available in the Philippines and 33 other countries worldwide.