Former Viva Hot Babes member Sheree Bautista now a painter

Published July 10, 2020, 1:11 PM

by Regina Mae Parungao

Sheree Bautista

Aside from being an actress and dancer, Sheree Bautista has ventured into painting. 

The former member of all-female group Viva Hot Babes has been keeping herself busy this time of quarantine by creating more works of art on canvass commissioned by clients. 

Sheree also does artwork on bags and cellphone covers.

In an Instagram post, the “Kadenang Ginto” star talked about her most recent work. 

She wrote, “I often have a hard time letting go of my art pieces. But the moment I see the beautiful smiles of where my babies are going it’s like giving them a part of my heart   so I always wish that this artwork may give them happiness, positivity and more blessings.

“Putting my vision into a picture is my way of expressing my emotions, sometimes into writing. but I prefer showing you what is inside my mind. Painted this for a beautiful client of mine… who now became a lovely friend.”