Jinri Park undergoes waitress training in Sydney, Australia

Published July 6, 2020, 1:20 PM

by Regina Mae Parungao

Jinri Park (Instagram)

Even before the imposition of the lockdown resulting to the temporary stoppage of live shows and tapings of TV series, Jinri Park was no longer in the limelight. 

The model revealed on Instagram recently that she is undergoing waitress training at a restaurant in Sydney, Australia. She hopes to save enough money for studies so she can “get a degree for that job I want in the future.”

“Now that I’m in my 30s, life has changed 180! I got married, moved to Australia, and now… got a job!” the “Pinoy Big Brother” alumna announced.

“For this past week I worked as a trainee for a restaurant being a waitress,” she said, adding that she had a degree in hotel and restaurant management.

Jinri reflected on how life has changed in her 30s.

“From all the fun times I had during my college days, just drinking and clubbing with my friends to becoming a radio jock, model, actress and host, it’s definitely been exciting.”

Jinri said that when she moved to Sydney, she did not know what career path to take. The only thing clear is that she doesn’t want the glamorous life anymore. 

“After months of thinking and discussing with family, I got to choose something I thought would be a good match for my strengths and personality,” she said. “I can’t tell you right now but will definitely update everyone once it starts!”

She thanked fans for their support “even after I got married, moved to Australia and don’t work as a sexy model.”

Jinri exchanged “I Do’s” with John, a Filipino raised in Australia, last March.