Summer Uninterrupted: Online classes kids can join today

Published July 5, 2020, 10:00 PM

by MB Lifestyle

School’s out—well, out until August, if all goes well.

As the Department of Education (DepEd) continues to ready teachers, parents, and students for alternative learning modalities to cope with the ongoing pandemic, kids find themselves in an unusually long summer.

Usually, it is during the summer break that parents enroll their children in different programs that hone skills and talent not typically covered by regular classes in schools. But even if kids aren’t allowed to go out and join these usual programs nowadays, worry not. There are online classes parents can enroll their children in. We list some of them here.

Learn to Code | The Coding School

Living in an increasingly digital world, there is one skill that many experts say will be essential in the next couple of years and beyond, and that is coding. It’s no surprise, therefore, that there are more and more kids who have become more interested in coding, to develop their own apps perhaps or simply to understand how their favorite video games work. Parents can help hone their kids’ coding skills by enrolling them in The Coding School’s online summer coding workshop, with classes that cover basic coding, game and web development, and even data science and design. Classes are open for kids six to 18 years old (for ₱5,000, with an ₱8,000 option for one-on-one tutorials), beginning on July 6.

Fashionable Art | Make Believe Productions

Make better use of that Zoom app by enrolling your kids in this one-of-a-kind online program designed to harness their inner creativity and turn it into something fashionable and hip. Make Believe Productions has a number of online classes open to kids from seven to 12 years old, as part of its Little Runway program, beginning on July 21 and running until Aug. 13. Parents can choose to enroll their kids in theater workshops, fashion and crafts, dance and creative movement, and even theater for toddlers (ages three to six). At the end of the Little Runway Program, there will be a video showcasing the designs of the kids. Classes range from ₱3,250 to ₱3,750.

I Need a Hero | Make Believe Productions

If fashion and crafts isn’t what your kids like, then maybe they can try their hand on creating their own superheroes. Who doesn’t like that, right? Make Believe Productions is hosting a comic book making Zoom class for kids, beginning on July 22. Kids will learn how to develop their own superhero concept, from its origin story to creating a comic book featuring their superhero art. At the end of these eight sessions, the superheroes designed by the kids will be featured in a video.

A is for Art | Video School Online

For only $10 (roughly ₱500), parents can sign their kids up for a series of art classes online called “A is for Art,” developed by the Video School Online. It’s a course that includes eight projects designed to be fun and enjoyable for kids of all ages, using only simple supplies readily available at home even during this quarantine period. The classes cover drawing and sketching, watercolor painting, mixed-media art, oil pastel, among others.

Art Made Easy… and Free! | Kitchen Table Classroom

Here are some online art classes your kids can join for free and following their own time, at that. The Kitchen Table Classroom has listed down a ton of free online art classes for kids, and all you have to do is just visit their website to check this list out.

Virtual Book Club | Camp Candlewick

This one’s different and also completely free. For parents who are looking to hone their kids’ reading skills, US-based Camp Candlewick offers a virtual book camp for kids Grade 1 to 12. The camp is designed to last for a period of 12 weeks, where kids will be encouraged to take part in shared reading activities as well as streaming events with prominent authors. The camp also includes materials for parents to help guide their kids, which come in the form of email newsletters and website content. Campers need to read each book in advance before they “meet” the respective authors. No registration is required. All parents need to do is visit Camp Candlewick’s website and click on the virtual book camp they want their kids to join.