Unique Salonga Drops Disturbing Song ‘Delubyo’


Talented artist, singer-songwriter Unique Salonga is back with another self-made album titled Pangalan.

The former IV of Spades lead vocalist dropped the new album on the midnight of March 27. As much as his fans are celebrating for it, they couldn’t helped but get an eerie feeling when they listened to one of the tracks in the album called “Delubyo.”

This five-minute-long song—or cacophony, more like it—is a compilation of different sounds including a woman screaming, people laughing, and even a pastor’s sermon. This strange combination created a dark, creepy, and disturbing ambiance, and listening to it for the first time can be disturbing (listen to it in the middle of the night at your own risk).

With its grim message that seems like to reflect our current situation, #Delubyo immediately went viral on Twitter. Netizens shared their feedback, posting about their experiences, the eerie feeling it gives when you listen to it in the dark or at nighttime—but why would you? Nevertheless, they didn’t forget to praise Unique for another groundbreaking work.

“Delubyo” is now available of all music streaming platforms.

But if you have history of anxiety or panic attacks, we highly suggest to play it in broad daylight and, preferably, with companions—but practicing social distancing, of course.