The Crossfit Kit: Five must-haves of every Crossfit beginner

Published January 31, 2020, 3:27 PM

by Jonnah Lynne Pante

Crossfit is eventually becoming more popular in the Philippines, and it’s pretty evident in the local athletes that have proudly represented the country in various Crossfit competitions overseas. With the results visible not just in the physical but in the mental aspect of Crossfit professionals, it’s understandable that more and more people are looking to start their journey with functional fitness. For those who don’t have the idea yet on where to begin, here’s a list to help you identify the must-haves of a Crossfit beginner.

● A good pair of weightlifting shoes
Just like any other sport, choosing the proper athletic footwear is important in Crossfit. In this particular sport discipline, it’s best to opt to wear weightlifting shoes rather than your good, old running shoes. Weightlifting shoes help in improving the flexibility of the ankle which is essential in achieving the right squat position — a common move among exercises in functional fitness. This is on top of many other reasons including comfortability and injury prevention.

● Wrist and knee wraps
The arms and the legs are the most used parts of the body in Crossfit. And, as an old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Minimize, or better yet, avoid sustaining injuries through the use of wrist and knee wraps, which are effective in protecting your arms and your knees from unwanted cuts, especially in intense training routines.

● Foam rollers
No one is exempted from having a sore body — not even professional Crossfit athletes — especially after an intensive workout session. Luckily, there are exercises and tools that aid in body recovery and included in the list are foam rollers. Foam rollers are an essential equipment in performing self-myofascial release, otherwise known as self-massage, which helps a person ease muscle pain by applying pressure to a specific part of the body. Using foam rollers for a few minutes could give the body a feeling of relief, thus, preparing it for another round of Crossfit training.

● Fitness band or a smart fitness app
Gadgets could also offer assistance in one’s journey with Crossfit. There are applications out there available via free download that have instructions or demonstrations on how to properly perform a Crossfit routine. Fitness bands are also a good addition to your gear list, since it can be useful in tracking your progress as it automatically jots down important stats like the number of calories burned.

● Discipline and dedication.
On top of all the material things, a vital aspect of entering Crossfit lies on the mindset of a person. There’s no use spending money on exercise equipment if one won’t utilize them according to their purpose. Before even deciding that you want to do Crossfit, identify your goals first. Is it to lose weight, or is it so you could join competitions? This will help in keeping your discipline and motivation on fire.

It also helps to self-educate. Read on things about Crossfit and draw inspiration from stories of Crossfit athletes. While there are only a few publications that cater to health and fitness alone, there are those which solely tackles functional fitness like Crosstrain.PH, a quarterly magazine under the Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation.

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