Morissette ‘walks out’ of concert? Her representative says one thing, producer says another

Jobert Sucaldito got emotional in detailing why Morissette Amon “walked out” of a concert he produced, leaving several people in the audience, including former actresses Anabelle Rama and Daisy Romualdez, disappointed.

The 23-year-old singer was one of the announced guest performers in Kiel Alo’s “Ako Naman” birthday concert last Nov. 6. Apparently, she wasn’t able to perform due to “medical emergency that we have to attend to,” according to her manager David Cosico who said so on mic and onstage.



Several videos uploaded online show Jobert and David apologizing to the audience during the show.

“…Morissette was here this afternoon until this evening. She rehearsed with Tito Butch (Miraflor, musical director) and Kiel. I would like to apologize in behalf but there’s a medical emergency that we have to attend to. I’m so sorry but I don’t want to put a damper on in this evening’s celebration. So along with my apologies is a greeting also… and I hope you enjoy the rest of the show. Thank you very much,” David told the audience.

When Jobert asked her to just come up on stage so that the audience will know that she actually came, Morissette headed towards the exit without saying anything.

In an interview, Jobert aired his side of the story. According to him, 10 to 15 minutes before the show was about to start, a reporter approached him and asked if he could interview Kiel for promotion.

“I came personally to Morissette and asked if she could join Kiel (in the interview). So ayan promo ng show, (tinanong na) how’s working with each other. ‘Na- starstruck ako,’ sabi naman ni Kiel. Eh totoo naman,” he said. “(Tapos) nasingit ata ni Mario (Dumaual, the reporter) ang tungkol sa love life (ni Morissette). Well, alam naman natin na may pinagdadaanan siya pero in fairness kay Mario, hindi siya bastos. The interview was handled so well.

“Kinamusta din ‘yung about the family. I may not have heard every detail but narinig ko na siya sumagot ng ‘I am praying na maayos ‘to,’ ‘in due time,’ ‘in God’s time.’ Very safe ang interview. Mario wasn’t out bounds.”

Morissette is reportedly in conflict with her father, Amay Amon, who alleged online that she left them to move in with her “boyfriend.”

Although the father didn’t reveal the name of the guy, netizens assumed it’s Dave Lamar, especially now that the two have seemingly become vocal about their relationship on social media.

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Jobert recalled that few moments after the interview, he heard a “noise” coming from Morissette’s dressing room.

“I saw Morissette, inuuntog ang ulo niya sa dingding,” he claimed. “Na-shock ako eh but I don’t want to interfere kasi baka personal problem nga. Humahagulgol na siya but I was thinking na everything is fine as far as the show is concerned.”

The manager later on approached him and said Morissette cannot sing because “she was so devastated” and “she felt she was attacked by the media.”

“Sabi ni David, ibabalik na lang daw ‘yung honorarium. I said that’s not important to me. We have a show so how do we solve this? I told him na you have to apologize to the audience but bring Morissette with you. Ipakita mo siya.

“Mag-a-announce ako na ganito (hindi siya makakapag-perform). Hindi niya kailangan magsalita. Yumuko siya kung gusto niya. I tried to be in control but I was very affected of what happened. Producer ako eh. Ayaw kong sabihin na ginamit ko lang ang pangalan ni Morissete para kumita ako tapos hindi naman pala magpe-perform. I understand (her situation). Papakita lang siya. She don’t have to say anything pero hindi pa rin niya ginawa. ‘Yun lang ang huling pakiusap ko.”

Jobert said he is well aware that artists sometimes go through rough patch in their lives. However, he reiterated the popular phrase, “the show must go on,” meaning that regardless of their problem, the show still has to be staged for the waiting patrons.

At this point, the producer-radio host was unable to contain his emotions, saying Morissette “disrespected” him, Kiel, other guests including veteran singers Eva Eugenio and Jun Polistico, and most importantly, the audience.

“Lahat tayo may pinagdadaanan. ‘Yung iba nga namatayan na, nagso-show pa rin kasi may commitment ka eh. It happens to every artist. Lahat dumadaan sa problema,” he said.

“Ang tagal tagal ko na sa industriyang ito. Sabi ko nga, do we deserve this? Hindi na siya naawa, birthday concert ni Kiel ‘to eh. Hindi na niya ginalang si Eva Eugenio. She disappointed our public. I hope she knows what she’s doing because this is all about commitment.”

Pointing directly to Morissette, Jobert lamented: “Morissette is my baby. Mahal ko ‘yung bata na yan. But you’re an artist. You should know your priorities. Kung ayaw mo, leave this business!”

Bulletin Entertainment reached out to Stages, which manages Morissette’s career. The company acknowledged the query and said they will find out what happened from Morisette’s and David’s points of view. As of this writing, they have not messaged again.