Marco Gallo ready to conquer with Viva behind him

Has Viva found its newest apple of the eye in the person of Marco Gallo? His fans hope so, believing he has what it takes to take the spot that previously belonged to James Reid.

At a recent contract signing, though, Marco humbly dismissed the notion.

“No one could replace James Reid. No one will be as good as him,” he said.

Marco said he doesn’t want to be a replacement to anyone. He is determined to make a mark through his own merits.

Still, he is flattered by the comparison.

“I actually admire James and I just wish I could get a slice of his luck (in the industry). I’m different compared to him but I hope to ‘inherit’ same luck, same will to strive and become better as actor. I think everyone has his own path.”

He is open to working with James’ girlfriend, Nadine Lustre.

“It would be a dream… She’s very pretty. No shame on the age,” Marco, 18, said of Nadine, 24.

MARCO GALLO (Instagram/@vivaartistagency)

MARCO GALLO (Instagram/@vivaartistagency)

Marco was asked if he’s okay with sexy roles or even do butt exposure. Game, he responded without batting an eyelash.

“As I’ve said earlier, I’m gonna push my limits. I wanna see how good I’ll be in acting. I’m an amateur. I’m gonna be so nervous every scene, of course, but I wanna get better and I will work harder.”

The former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate was a Star Magic talent until he left the country to pursue his studies in Italy.

As it turned out, the Filipino-Italian can’t stand being away from the showbiz limelight.

“When I got there (Italy), I really wanted to go back here,” he recalled.

“My mom kept asking, ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ There’s a rule in Italy kasi na once you leave school and you’re 18, you can’t return anymore to normal school schedule, like, you’ll need to attend night class,” he explained.

“But I’ve always thought I left behind something here, eh. Parang I need to pursue this career talaga. It’s life-changing decision for me to go back, and I’m hoping for positive result.”

Marco said Star Magic has supportive of his decision to sign with Viva.

“It (Star Magic) is a family and what’s nice is that they keep on supporting everyone, they’re not stopping us from leaving. They even told me na as long as I am happy with my choice, walang problema sa kanila.”

On Kisses, Juliana

Marco was romantically involved with two celebrities in the past.

The young actor was initially paired with Kisses Delavin after their “PBB” stint in 2016. Although he admitted he felt romantic towards her, it didn’t blossom into a relationship.

MARCO WITH Kisses Delavin

MARCO WITH Kisses Delavin

“I think because we were too young then so we opted to become good friends na lang,” he said.

Marco opened up about his breakup with Juliana Gomez last year. Apparently, it was a mutual decision, citing his return to Italy as basis.

MARCO with Julianna Gomez (Instagram)

MARCO with Julianna Gomez (Instagram)

“We thought kasi na it will be hard to have a long-distance relationship. Of course, masakit talaga ‘yung nangyari but ganu’n talaga eh,” he said.

The two remain friends and they communicate with each other from time to time.

Marco was able to meet Juliana’s father, Richard Gomez, after they broke up.

“Di ba parang it’s typical na ‘yung ex-boyfriend ng anak mo, you get angry against him. I’m really glad that her parents were not angry to me. I believe din kasi na maayos ‘yung breakup, I didn’t cheat on her. We remain good friends. Everything is okay,” he said.