No One’s Raising An Eyebrow

By Deedee M. Siytangco


‘Let yourselves be emptied and transformed in order to fill the cup of your heart to its fullest. Then you in turn will be able to give in abundance.’


Eyebrows express more than the lips.

The Tagalog admonition to those who are snobbish is, “Hoy, ibaba mo kilay mo!” meaning, “Put down your eyebrows!” Or if you watch the kontrabidas in the movies, their eyebrows would go up when they leered or meant to scare!

Why are we obsessed with eyebrows this Sunday? Well, a good-looking young man is in town with a mission—to make beautiful, softly-arched eyebrows and help cancer victims who have lost their eyebrows to medical treatments.

Meet an old friend of mine, Angelo Ortiz, a Filipino artistic beauty entrepreneur with a golden heart. Angelo is in town to enhance eyebrows through a procedure called “microblading.” His boutiques are well-established now in Makati and other areas and their services are much sought after.

His Christmas album was nominated “Best in Christmas Album” at the 19th Awit Awards. He also won the title for piano performance in the World Championship of Performing Arts held in Hollywood, won second for composition and original works, and won the overall World Champion of the Instrumental division.

Angelo entered the beauty business in 2013, opening a small trading business for beauty products and equipment. Then he opened a consulting firm for beauty business, which he still manages. He also learned aesthetic beauty, microblading, semipermanent makeup, and fibroblast training at institutions like the American Academy of Micropigmentation, PhiAcademy, and Derma Pro Canada. Additionally, he took body engineering and body designing certification under Easecox Taiwan and Japan.

He has seen lots of women boost their confidence with semi permanent makeup and, believe it or not, even men have discovered how indeed it can give them a better outlook and more confidence.

His boutiques here and in the US are called Browlesque. It’s all about The Art of Sexy Brows and that is why it so named. Ask the many celebrities in Hollywood and here!

Angelo believes that music and beauty are connected as life is never complete without them. As part of his social contribution to share his talent, he will offer, in our centers, free eyebrows to cancer survivors to show them that they are not alone in their fight. He has discovered that music lifts our soul and beauty lifts our confidence and it is important to share our talents to others. It is such an accomplishment to make other people feel good about themselves and more so, do better in life.