HP Neverstop Laser Wireless 1200w prints volumes via laser tank

With every thing getting smarter nowadays, printers are not ones to get left behind. HP solves the age-old problem that printers have with inks.

HP has replaced the traditional cartridge with a tank, which you can seamlessly refill with ink that creatively looks like a syringe. This makes for lesser mess, and hard to wash off ink that gets on your fingers and nails as if you just got out of a voting precinct.

HP Neverstop Laser Wireless MFP 1200w has a printing speed of 20 ppm that is in A4 size. It is aimed towards high-volume printing whether it be at home, or in small or medium businesses.

HP claims that Neverstop is the first Laser Tank Printer. It ships with enough toner to print 5,000 pages straight out of the box. It also has a duty cycle of 20,000 pages.

One of the main features of the HP Neverstop is that it enables users to replace the toner in less than 15 seconds through the HP Toner Reload Kit. So no more taking too much time in the copy room, and no more long interruptions especially when you’re in a hurry.


You can replace the toner by pressing the plunger in the toner replenishment hole, as if you are injecting ink into the printer. In 15 seconds, you are all done.

It does not use any more toner cartridges; instead, it has a built-in tonner hopper. This way it saves up to 80 percent in cost of toners.

HP Neverstop comes with mobile scanning, WiFi Direct, and enables printing through a smartphone with the HP Smart App.

And aside from being cost-effective, HP has also added that the Neverstop is all about renewable energy through using recycled materials as it has been made with more than 25 percent recycled plastic while the toner reload kit is made of 75 percent recycled plastic.

The Neverstop does not stop there, it also comes with scanning, and copying functions.

When you Neverstop, you should be able to save time, do more, and lessen hassle all while preserving the quality.