Transportify offers 10-wheeler trucks on its logistics platform

Transportify, the leading platform for delivery trucks and vans in the Philippines, continues to expand, now offering 10w trucks with the conventional “wing van” body.

The 10-wheeler truck is now available for businesses to transport goods and cargo anywhere in Luzon and can be accessed on Transportify’s mobile app or website.


Since opening in 2016, Transportify has changed the landscape of for ground logistics, specifically in the segment of delivery vans and small trucks, greatly enhancing businesses’ ability for bulk deliveries within Mega Manila and Pampanga. The company also offers long-haul services, which allows businesses to use the delivery vehicles on Transportify’s platform to transport goods to all of Luzon. The new 10-wheeler truck service will be available to service deliveries with pickup within Mega Manila and Pampanga and delivery to all of Luzon.

Businesses in the Philippines are eager to embrace technology because Filipinos always look for better ways of doing things with the new tools at their disposal. Logistics in the Philippines is particularly challenging relative to other countries because there are so many variables at play such as infrastructure, traffic, weather, varying rules in each city, multiple transport modes (land, sea air). With this in mind, Transportify continues to innovate to provide greater value to businesses, increasing their logistics capabilities and efficiency, and to truck owners, increasing the income derived from their trucking assets. With the 10-wheeler truck, Transportify looks to build its presence in the long-haul space, providing greater transparency and efficiency to the industry.

The 10-wheeler truck on Transportify’s platform enables companies to transport more cargo in just 1 booking with dimensions of L 960 cm by W 240 by H 240 and carrying capacity of up to 18 tons. Transportify expects that businesses will be using the 10-wheeler trucks to transport large commercial quantities of goods between factories, distribution centers, and points-of-sale with large storage requirements such as hypermarkets.

Deliveries to anywhere in Luzon using Transportify platform’s 10-wheeler trucks come with the usual transparent and affordable pricing structure that is already enjoyed by all Transportify’s customers. The rates are distance-based rate starting at P8,000 and an additional P85 per kilometer thereafter.

The rates are inclusive of driver, one helper, fuel, GPS tracking and a 24/7 customer service center to address any concerns.

Businesses can also avail other value added services such as returns of paper documentation or proof-of-delivery. To know more about Transportify, send in an email here.