Vivo S1 brings out the fun

vivo s1 image

Vivo begins a new fun smartphone line with the Vivo S1.

To get on with the basics, the Vivo S1 is a 6.3-inch phone. It’s light and slick. It has a tiny teardrop notch that contains the front 32MP camera. The souped up RAM and the Mediatek Helio P65 processor makes it a speedy and strong performing phone. Like we often mention, if you’re wondering if this phone can run apps like Mobile Legends or PUBG Mobile, get those doubts out of here because the Vivo S1 can run them without any issues. And to back all the processing power, is the Vivo S1’s massive 4500mAh battery.

The back of the Vivo S1 is filled up with diamond patterns in black and different shades of blue and green. The rear triple AI camera is also rimmed with gold, which adds flavor to the device. The left side of the Vivo S1 is a dedicated Google Assistant button.

We’ve come miles and miles with face unlock and fingerprint sensor technology and the Vivo S1 is a testament to that. The in-screen fingerprint sensor fires up the Vivo S1 in lightning speed. The face unlock works only in the phone’s lock screen and opens up even faster than the fingerprint sensor.

Motorbike mode is interesting, especially for motorcycle riders. It auto rejects a call and inform the caller that the rider is in their motorbike.

Smart click is a handy feature. While the screen is off you can press and hold the Volume Down button to launch an app. From the get go, you can turn on and off the flashlight, record audio, open the camera, and open Facebook. The “enable app” selection will let you choose among your other apps installed.

The camera ships off with the “Fun Video” feature. It’s basically a built-in TikTok, which allows you to record clips, add filters and effects, and then share it through other social media.

The cameras are excellent shooters. The front camera’s 32MB brings in a wide range of colors and detail, and the triple AI cameras that each has 16, 8, and 2 megapixels, blends together some of the sharpest and brightest photographs.

The bottom of the device continues to support a headphone jack and a microUSB port, making sure that no one gets left behind.

The Vivo S1 is a great entry into the foray of smartphones. It’s fast with a lot of power to boot, the Fun Video is definitely something worth to checking out especially for anyone who loves to create fun and silly content and share them online, and the massive battery ensures you’ve got plenty of time to spare to play, watch movies, and have enough juice to make calls when coming home. If you’re looking for a fun smartphone, it’s the Vivo S1.