Sony a6400 upgrades your shots

Published August 19, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin


Sony cameras make waves. Every piece of Sony camera that passed through the MB Tech Lab was met with praise. They can capture great images and record great videos no matter the form and pixel. 

So we expected nothing less from the Sony a6400, a compact mirror-less camera. It has the same 24MP from the previous model but this time the a6400 ships out with components from Sony’s other cameras – giving its photography prowess a sharper edge. 

Aside from being able to take excellent images, the a6400 has two important updates that stems from the new Bionz X processor. The first being Real-Time Eye AF and Real-Time Tracking, which gives this camera one of the most impressive autofocus systems to date. The new processor also allows for faster boot ups.

With the Real Time Eye AF and Tracking, you won’t have to adjust your autofocus settings. Any human subject you have will remain crystal clear and sharp. In the half-press of a shutter, the a6400 is fast and powerful.

The screen viewfinder has touch features, which should let you make needed adjustments faster and simpler. To clarify, you can’t select things by touching the screen, all that are still done through physical buttons. The touch features are more implemented for re-focusing. It can tilt 180 degrees upward and 90 degrees downward, which are great angles. 

The settings has a new My Menu tab, where you can add your favorite options. Again, Sony is all focused on making things easier and smoother for you to take pictures with. It’s a small addition but a much welcome one as it shortens setups by several clicks.

The ergonomics of the a6400 is top notched. The controls – all the buttons and the dials are set up simple and clean. It’s very easy to use and should only take a few minutes of practice to get familiar with everything. 

As a mirror-less camera the a6400 is lightweight and compact. This should ease some of your travel concerns, if the camera is heavy and bulky. 

Like many modern devices today, the a6400 packs connectivity features, specifically Wi-Fi and Bluuetooth with NFC. You can connect the a6400 to your phone using the Imaging Edge Mobile App. Through this feature you can use your phone as a remote and download images from camera to phone. 

If you’re invested in becoming a great photographer, the Sony a6400 is an excellent option to choose from. There’s a ton of great customization features, it’s got the best autofocus system yet, and image quality is superb. Definitely a recommendation from us.