Riding shotgun with the AI of the Nissan Terra

Published August 5, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin


Now that most of us treat our cars as second homes, mobilizing our essentials is a must. To be technical about it, connection to our daily routines needs to be integrated to our vehicles.

Welcome not the true meaning of a connected mobile life, that feature is already here. You just need to embrace it through the new Nissan Terra and its amazing dashboard armed with the latest technologies to stay connected.

The Nissan Terra features a high-tech dashboard – packed with tricks and treats making us the ultimate road warriors.

Inside the new Nissan Terra, you can pair your smartphone with the smart dashboard in order to make calls, get and set directions, play music, among other things a true smart car should have.

Squint not when you want to engage the “smart” dashboard of the Nissan Terra, it flashes the apps and icons bold and large, making it easier for the driver to navigate around the UI. It also helps that the 7-inch screen is built for fluid response.

The Terra’s dashboard offers Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. You can pair it using your smartphone and listen to music. The dashboard itself comes with pre-installed Spotify and Waze. The steering wheel has physical button controls, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road.

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THE POWER OF AI: It’s so easy now to park with the virtual bird’s eye view of the Nissan Terra. It can warn you on-screen when it detects moving objects around you.

The dashboard has a built-in equalizer for audio, letting you adjust bass and other sounds. That might sound like a small thing, but if you’re ever getting stuck in three-hour long traffic jams or long road trips, you’d probably want to gear up for optimized music companion.

The dashboard can sync with your phone’s contacts, making it easier to make calls and answer one. You can even setup an SOS contact, in case for an emergency. The dashboard includes contact lists and a dial.

For the backseat passengers there is an 11-inch flip-down monitor. What you see here reflects what is seen from the dashboard. You can set movies for entertainment, keeping passengers, especially children occupied for the trip. The Nissan Terra’s main dashboard, however, holds the control.

The dashboard has Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay. These are apps that lets you stay connected to your device while driving. For instance, Android Auto allows you to talk to Google Assistant, the company’s voice assistant app. The dashboard also comes with a microSD card slot and you can open other files, such as photos. It’s a neat inclusion should it be needed.

Once you’ve paired a device, the dashboard saves its profile. You can pair with other devices with options to auto-connect. If you want to remove the device’s profile, the simple option to delete it is there and will do so as soon as you tap that icon on screen.

When you get the new Nissan Terra, you also get a smart device riding shotgun. Simply bucle up, start the engine, and drive to the future.