Cherry Mobile shoots up Flares

Cherry Mobile has launched their new salvo of smartphones, targeting a wide range of consumers like glowing beacons in the dark. The Cherry Mobile intros the Flare S8 series, kicking things off with the Flare S8, followed by the Flare S8 Pro, and then bringing things down to a smashing conclusion with the Flare S8 Plus.

Flare S8

Cherry Mobile Flare S8

The Flare S8 is the standard of the trio. It features a MediaTek Helio P23 octa-core processor, 13MP and 2MP dual rear cameras and a 13MP front camera. With this device you’re getting a 32GB internal storage with 3GB RAM.

This is a smartphone built to be affordable for anyone. The display is great and responsive. If there’s one thing that Cherry Mobile gave focus, it’s the cameras. The dual rear cameras can capture bright images with its dual rear cameras. The front camera is a little bit sharper for improved selfie-taking.

Flare S8 Pro

Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Pro Specs

Cherry Mobile is promoting the Flare S8 Pro as their gaming phone, designed to accommodate users who are into mobile games such as Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile. The wider 6.5-inch screen ensures that you can enough room for your thumbs and viewing.

Under the hood, the Flare S8 Pro contains a MediaTek Helio P22 octa-core AI processor, 20MP and 5MP dual rear cameras and a 20MP front camera. It has 64GB internal storage and 4GB of RAM. Like many modern phones today, the Flare S8 Pro has migrated to USB Type C, which allows faster charging and wired file transfers. Battery ships out with 4000mAh.

Flare S8 Plus

Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Plus Specs (1)

The Plus here doesn’t mean bigger. It means more. Out of the three Flare S8 phones, the Plus has the best specs of them all. It runs with a MediaTek Helio P70 processor, 128GB internal storage, 6GB RAM, USB type C and 3250mAh battery. One of the interesting things about this is the fingerprint sensor being placed on the side, which we, at the MB Tech Lab find comfortable to use as fingers naturally edge on a smartphone’s sides.

Another standout feature among the Flare S8 series, is the Plus’ pop-up front camera. They open up as soon as the camera app is launched, shoots well, and creates well-vibrant photos.

The Flare S8 Plus is also a little bit heavier compared to the other two Flare S8 devices, giving it a more solid and premium build. The design is also different, having accents on top of it, adding some, flair, to its looks.

Of course with the presented specs, the S8 Plus is also a great phone to use for gaming. You can play some of your favorite mobile games out there and the Flare S8 Plus will handle it without problems.

If you’re looking to check out some local and affordable phones, Cherry Mobile has you covered.