PureForce first responders gets upgrades


Pure Force has committed in serving the public by responding to emergency cases. Through the Pure Force app, this commitment has extended to allowing users to take photos of situations, such as illegally parked vehicles or choosy taxi drivers, and report them to the authorities.

The keyword here is “communication.” The PureForce app has bridged communications between civilians and first responders using an app. You don’t need to memorize your local police’s phone number. You just need the PureForce app to send a message and the help will be on its way.

Now, Pure Force founder, Jojo Soliman, adds two devices to enhance their public service. These devices allow communication despite signals going down.



GoTenna is a small device, no larger than a Stabilo highlighter. This device is paired with a smartphone and using a mobile app, you will be able to send messages and GPS locations. These devices are independent from the telecommunication companies and instead relies on mesh technology.

v5_homepage-pair-mobile The GoTenna is about the size of a Stabilo highlighter.

According to Soliman, a GoTenna device can reach anywhere between a mile to six miles. Using mesh technology, this range is extended when it detects another GoTenna device. In short, the more GoTenna devices are active, the better the reach.

There is a “Plus” version of the GoTenna, which has an annual subscription fee. This option allows you to send SMS Network Relay and when you have no signal, the GoTenna will search through the mesh for a device with a signal and make a call from there.

Soliman stressed that this kind of technology will allow people to communicate whenever signals go down.

Explorer 710

cobham-explorer-710-bgan-data-terminal-1 (1)

The Explorer 710 is a terminal that can link your smartphone to the internet. Like the GoTenna, the Explorer 710 is independent from local telecommunications network. Buyers can pay for a subscription plan to get up to 650Kbps speed.

Soliman said that having this terminal will be of immense help in case communication signals go down. This terminal will allow first responders to get situation updates from the internet and send for distress calls.


While the Explorer 710 can be purchased abroad, Soliman said that this terminal costs 5,000USD.

As for the PureForce app itself, Soliman said that they have made a few upgrades that allows the app to run smoother, send pictures, and added a survey feature to allow users to report any events, including illegally parked vehicles.

PureForce & Rescue Corps

The inclusion of the GoTenna and the Explorer 710 are part of the ongoing campaign set by Soliman to improve a first responder system. Last year, Soliman has brought in a firefighting robot. A water hose is connected to the robot and can be controlled to enter burning structures and release water.


In 2017, Soliman introduced SIM-based flood and fire sensors, which will send an SOS to PureForce HQ without using the app. This allows the PureForce team to send an immediate dispatch to contain the situation before it worsens.

The PureForce’s own first responders are equipped with thermal suits for firefighters, tools for obstacle removal, plastic canisters that can extinguish flames, medical equipment, amphibious and aerial vehicles. Soliman vows to continue upgrading the PureForce app and their equipment to ensure the delivery of their services.

Pureforce Android

The PureForce Citizens app is free for iOS and Android devices. You can use the app to send for an ambulance, firefighter, or a local police officer to respond to your situation. According to Soliman, users can take photos of incidents or any concerns and send them through the app. This includes destroyed roads that have been neglected for a long time, choosy cab drivers, or illegally parked vehicles. Once PureForce receives the photos, they will direct the issue to the proper authorities.