Sacendoncillo is new DILG undersecretary

Published January 15, 2019, 3:27 PM

by AJ Siytangco

By Chito Chavez 

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) has announced the appointment of former DILG Assistant Secretary and long-time Executive Director of the Local Government Academy, Marivel C. Sacendoncillo, as the new DILG Undersecretary for Local Government.

Marivel C. Sacendoncillo (DILG / MANILA BULLETIN)
Marivel C. Sacendoncillo

Sacendoncillo succeeded long-time Undersecretary Austere Panadero who availed of optional retirement last year.

DILG Secretary Eduardo M. Año said the department is pleased with the appointment of Sacendoncillo and looks forward to working with her in pushing local governments to greater heights of excellence.

“The DILG is pleased with the appointment of Sacendoncillo as the new Undersecretary for Local Government as her long and distinguished career makes her eminently qualified to hold such an important position,” Año said.

Año noted, as the officer responsible for crafting relevant policies and programs for the betterment of local governance and local government units (LGUs), Sacendoncillo’s vast experience as LGA executive director — a position she held for more than two decades — will “definitely come in handy”.

“No one can gloss over her decades of experience and her profound understanding of the local governance landscape. That is where she thrived and built her career which makes her eminently qualified to fill that void in the Department,” he noted.

Complete package

DILG Spokesperson and Assistant Secretary Jonathan E. Malaya said Sacendoncillo’s appointment didn’t come as a surprise describing her “the complete package”, building her career first as a rank and file employee to becoming one of the top executives of the DILG.

“Her rise to one of the top positions of the Department is a proof in itself that she is a hard worker and dedicated to the betterment of the Department and its stakeholders. We are very excited for what’s to come,” Malaya said.

Also, DILG Bureau of Local Government Development Director Anna Liza F. Bonagua said that Sacendoncillo’s appointment is “a welcome development” for the Department as she ticks all the requirements for the position.

The DILG Employee’s Union through its president, Keith Lagmay, also extended their congratulations saying that Sacendoncillo is a proven capable leader.

Sacendoncillo’s former staff at the LGA, Leah Marie Sanchez, says that Sacendoncillo is a “visionary leader” who shares to her co-workers her dreams for the country and how each one of us, regardless of position, can contribute to that vision.

Moving up the ladder of success

Año said that Sacendoncillo’s career serves as an inspiration to the employees of the DILG as she painstakingly worked her way up to become one of the top leaders of the Department.

Sacendoncillo started her career in DILG as a Senior Human Resource Development Officer for the LGA in 1989 occupying positions such as Local Government Operations Officer and Development Management Officer along the way.

In 1996, she was appointed as the Director of the LGA where she served for more than two decades.

She also served as the concurrent Regional Director (RD) of DILG Region 8 for two years until she was promoted as Assistant Secretary for Local Government last August 2018.

Sacendoncillo holds a Master’s degree in Development Management from the Asian Institute of Management.

She also received a scholarship to study Conflict Management and Post Conflict Recovery at the University of York in the United Kingdom through the Chevening Senior Fellowship Programme of the British Council.