Too much salty, sweet, greasy food may lead to ‘holiday illness’ – DOH

Published December 17, 2018, 3:13 PM

by Patrick Garcia

By Betheena Kae Unite

Filipinos were reminded Monday to be mindful of what they eat during the Christmas season to avoid “holiday illnesses.”

Health Undersecretary Eric Domingo called on the public to be more careful on what dishes to eat, stressing that eating too much salty, sweet, and greasy food during the Christmas season may cause holiday illnesses.

“Bawal ang kumain ng masyadong maalat, matamis, at mamantika. As in after Christmas lahat ng blood sugar aymataas, cholesterol mataas (We must avoid too much salty, sweet, and greasy food. Our blood sugar and even cholesterol are usually high after the Christmas holiday),” Domingo said.

Heart attacks, he said, are among the cases that are likely to happen during holiday celebrations but flu remains as the most common illness, prompting him to advise the public to always be mindful and wear mask when going out.

“Common sakit pa rin natin ay flu (Flu is still the common illness [during this season]). Kung hindi nagpa bakuna (If one was not vaccinated) for the flu, stay away from people who have it,” Domingo said.

“At kung may sakit ka, huwag kang manghawa ng iba. Mag-mask ka, especially for the elderly or yung mga immuno-compromise or kung may sakit ka talaga, [like diabetes, cancer] (If you are sick, refrain from infecting others. Use mask, especially for the elderly or those who are immuno-compromised, or those who have an illness like diabetes or cancer). When going out in public, wear a mask,” Domingo added.

He also noted that “there is a spike on vehicular accidents due to drunk driving,” so he reminded the public to “drink in moderation” during the revelries.