Regine on joining ‘ASAP’ live, dealing with anxiety attacks

Regine Velasquez Regine Velasquez

“It’s challenging but also exciting.”

This is what seasoned singer-actress Regine Velasquez said when asked about joining Sunday musical variety show “ASAP” on Nov. 18, following the road show taped live in Sydney, Australia, which aired on ABS-CBN these last two weeks.

In an interview, the songbird said the show will undergo a “reformat.” She cleared, though, that it’s not because she’s joining but merely a part of its regular reinvention.
“Maybe they were looking for the perfect timing to do it and since I came home, they had it coincide with that,” she said.

Regine is excited to share the “ASAP” stage with mainstays Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Erik Santos, Piolo Pascual, Daniel Padilla, and Sarah Geronimo; as well as her husband Ogie Alcasid, to name a few.

“There are so many things we can do – like me and Sarah finally sharing the stage on small screen,” she teased.

Regine is set to hold the three-day concert series “Regine At The Movies” this month at the New Frontier Cinema.

The show has guest performers: Piolo (Nov. 17), Sharon Cuneta (Nov. 24) and Daniel (Nov. 25).

Regine shared Sharon even delayed her flight to Hong Kong just to be at her concert.

Recall that it’s about returning the favor as good friends with the Songbird performed as surprise guest in the Megastar’s 40th anniversary concert a few weeks back.

“She is set to have her own show in Hong Kong so I’m really flattered to know that she’s flying there the following day, the day of her show, because she is performing in my show” Regine said. “Sharon told me she’s doing it because she loves me.”

Regine hinted it’s just the start as they have more collaborations in various projects next year.

As for Daniel, they met at the recent ABS-CBN Ball.

“I didn’t know he’s really a good singer,” Regine commended. “I mean I know him but I don’t see him sing live and the first time I saw him at the ABS-CBN Ball, I was very interested (to collaborate with him).”

In fact, she immediately sent a text message to Daniel’s mom, Karla Estrada, who readily said yes to his guest performance in “Regine At The Movies.”

As for Piolo, the diva said he was first to agree to join the concert series.

Still getting used to
Regine admitted she may feel at home with ABS-CBN but she still hasn’t absorbed all the changes completely.

“I still feel kinda... I don’t know, I can’t really explain how I feel,” she divulged. “I’m very excited and very happy but there’s this weird feeling. I don’t know why but maybe I’m not used to the idea (of the transfer) yet.”

Days before the shift, Regine was having separation anxiety or “sepanx.”

“I feel I’m in between, to the point that my husband would see me looking dazed.

“Maybe the feeling I have now is the same as when you have been living in a certain house for so long, then you suddenly move out and you can’t sleep comfortably in your new home.”

Regine reiterated she’s excited over all the possibilities ahead of her.

“It’s a new beginning for me. I never realized there are still so many things that I can do,” she said. “I thought when you come to this certain age, you could already rest on your laurel. But I was wrong, there’s more.”

Throwback songs
What is the repertoire in her new concert series? Well, the songbird said she’s studying some 50 new songs from both local and international movies.

But, of course, her spiels will be about the movies.

“I’m such a movie fan,” she declared. “Even now, that’s my pastime. I love to watch movies. I get very involved. Films are really a huge influence to me. I even became a super fan of Sharon.”

The veteran singer noted she enjoys doing shows in intimate venues.

“Because I have more freedom, I suppose, to do a different kind of concept, a different kind of show. Also, I actually see the faces of people in the audience, as well as their reaction.”

Regine promised there will be a different repertoire every night so one can watch on all three dates and experience a different show every time.

“Regine At The Movies” concert is directed by Paolo Valenciano with musical director Raul Mitra.

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