Teen stars and Twitter wars

Published October 24, 2018, 10:38 AM

by Hannah Torregoza 

In the time of Web 2.0, it only takes 140 characters to start a war.

Darren Espanto and Juan Karlos 'JK' Labajo (Facebook) /mb.com.ph
Darren Espanto and Juan Karlos ‘JK’ Labajo (Facebook)

Early this week, young singers Darren Espanto and Juan Karlos “JK” Labajo found themselves feuding via Twitter.
This comes after Darren blasted JK for allegedly tagging him in a now-deleted tweet that read, “gayness at its finest.”

In response, JK reiterated that his account was “hacked.” He also claimed his management has access to his Twitter account. Later, he retaliated by saying that screenshot of his supposedly accountable for tweeting the deemed offending phrase was an “edited photo.”

However, it seems Darren has not had enough of it.

The “Dying Inside To Hold You” singer remarked: “Timing ‘no? Dinelete ng ‘hacker’ mo ’yung tweet na’to after kang kausapin ng management. ’Pag nahanap mo ’yung hacker mo puntahan niyo ako para malaman niyo kung sino ’yung totoong bakla.”

It turns out JK privately messaged Darren on Instagram, which the former brought to light. An excerpt of the message (sanitized here) read:

“Hey, man. So there was this tweet, someone tweeted using my account on Twitter saying…about you. Just so you know, hindi ako ’yun. Ask MCA if you don’t believe me. Someone else is using my Twitter account. So you better tell your fans and/or family to calm the… down because the last thing I… want is to be accused of something I didn’t…do. Cheers.”

Darren replied JK should “prove” he wasn’t the one who tweeted the phrase. He also threatened to sue him.

JK didn’t respond directly to Darren’s tweet anymore, instead opting to say thank you to the “people who loved him.”

Later, Darren took to Twitter and apologized for using the word “bakla” in a derogatory manner.

He also addressed netizens who insinuate he has fragile masculinity: “I’ve been bashed with this since I was in ‘The Voice Kids’ (I was 12) pero wala kayong narinig. I’m 17 now, kakapagod na rin.”

Both JK and Darren were contestants in the first season of “The Voice.” The two were tagged at the time as “BFFs (best friends forever)” despite being under different coaches.

• • •
It’s not the first time the popular microblogging site became the battleground for young celebrities.

Daniel Padilla and Paul Salas (Instagram) /mb.com.ph)
Daniel Padilla and Paul Salas (Instagram)

Last year, Daniel Padilla and Paul Salas had a heated Twitter exchange after the latter allegedly commented “hahaha. Curry na Curry ba.” Stephen Curry is the basketball idol of Daniel.

A netizen posted a screenshot of the comment thread of Paul and friends: Caption read: “Hi po. I dare Paul Salas and friends to tell these in Daniel’s face. Please RT. Let’s help them find their balls.”

The tweet reached Daniel and friends. He said: “Seryoso ba ’tong mga ’to?,” then tweeted directly to Paul: “Ano? Sagot.”

Daniel’s girlfriend, Kathryn Bernardo, also joined the Twitter war, posting a GIF of the NBA two-time MVP Curry.

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Then there’s Loisa Andalio versus Maris Racal.

From being best friends to “very casual,” Loisa and Maris had their fair share of “misunderstanding” fueled by Twitter posts.

Loisa Andalio and Maris Racal (mb.com.ph)
Loisa Andalio and Maris Racal

In a past interview, Maris said she and Loisa were not in good terms, which stemmed from lack of time for each other.

Seemingly surprised, Loisa tweeted: “Ahhh, okay? May ganu’n pala, di ko alam.”

It was then followed by a series of tweets that were deemed as jabs at each other.

“Small circle pero full of quality. Thankful for the real ones! God is good all the time,” Loisa said.

“Life is peaceful when all the good ones know you’re good. And that’s enough to keep you going,” Maris said.