Separate projects for KathNiel

Published September 3, 2018, 10:41 AM

by Hannah Torregoza 

Several showbiz love teams like JaDine, LizQuen and AlDub have taken at one point, a “breather” by doing projects outside their pairing.

Kathryn Bernardo (
Kathryn Bernardo

Pointing this out to the other half of KathNiel a few days ago, Kathryn Bernardo said she and Daniel Padilla are also ready to do that. They first worked together in 2012 via the TV series “Princess And I.”

The young actress revealed they have been wanting to work separately for some time now, believing that the setup would be healthy for her and Daniel, who happens to be her real-life boyfriend of more than five years now.

“It saddens me but we all know it is necessary,” she said, then joked that “walang forever” adage is true, even with their love team.

According to Kathryn, that separation would let them grow and explore their capabilities as actors. She said she wants to be known as “Kathryn, the actress,” not just “Kathryn, the other half of KathNiel.”

She made clear the “breakup” is just for a while and having other love team partners won’t be necessary.

“We want to explore other opportunities but not me having a different partner or him, having another leading lady. I think that would hurt KathNiel fans’ big time,” she explained.

After the success of “The Hows Of Us,” Kathryn (minus Daniel), will star in the film “Three Words To Forever” alongside Sharon Cuneta and Richard Gomez.

Kathryn revealed she felt “weird” not having Daniel with her during the story conference.

“It’s like a different environment for me. I mean, this is the first time this has happened after seven films together. So, to lessen the sadness, told him to drop me off at the venue,” she recalled.

Daniel has reportedly started doing his own project, too. Kathryn has his back.

“Of course, I will support him because I know he will do the same thing for me. I do pray for his success, I know he can do it,” she said, smiling.

As for her off-screen relationship with Daniel, Kathryn said they are in a “very good phase.”

Appreciation and mutual respect are the secrets to their long-lasting partnership, she noted.

“We know our boundaries, our limitations. Yes, there are misunderstandings along the way but we make sure to be understandable with each other’s difference. The good thing about DJ (Daniel’s nickname) is that he is very sensitive and considerate of how I feel. I think that’s the reason we have a good relationship.”

Thanks, Direk

By the way, “The Hows Of Us,” still in cinemas nationwide, could be the last KathNiel and Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina film.

Kathryn with Daniel Padilla (Instagram) /
Kathryn with Daniel Padilla (Instagram)

Cathy is said to be retiring after three more films, including Kathryn’s “Three Words To Forever.”

The 22-year-old actress gives the director a great deal of credit, saying she has learned a lot from Cathy.

“I’m very lucky that I’m able to work with her before she retires. She taught me a lot of lessons especially on how to effectively play my character in rom-com since I wasn’t really comfortable doing that genre at first,” she said. “Direk Cathy is one of my mentors not only as actress but also as person. I’ll be forever grateful to her.”

The beauty outside

The actress-author and entrepreneur has added a new title to her growing list of achievements: Makeup collaborator.
Beauty brand Happy Skin, the pioneer of skin-caring makeup, created an all-new diffusion cosmetics called Generation Happy Skin with Kathryn.

For her, being hands-on with creating the line has always been a dream. She sees it as perfect avenue to express her belief that simple can be beautiful.

“Simplicity is about catching attention not just with makeup but with your inner glow. Being a celebrity, everything about is complicated that’s why we like less complicated thing. With my line of work, I have to make sure that my skin would not be damaged and this is what the product is all about,” she said.