Momoland on success of ‘Bboom Bboom,’ support from Pinoy fans

Published August 20, 2018, 6:37 AM

by Hannah Torregoza 

K-pop girl group Momoland produced a big hit early this year when their song “Bboom Bboom” became viral for its addictive choreography.

Momoland members (from left) Jane, JooE, Ahin, Hyebin, Nancy, Daisy and Taeha at the press conference organized by Facebook and Viu (Photo by Jonathan Hicap) /
Momoland members (from left) Jane, JooE, Ahin, Hyebin, Nancy, Daisy and Taeha at the press conference organized by Facebook and Viu (Photos by Jonathan Hicap)

In the K-pop industry where competition is fierce among groups, “Bboom Bboom” brought Momoland their first taste of success since debuting in November 2016.

In their first visit to the country for an exclusive and private event, Momoland’s Nancy, Daisy, JooE, Hyebin, Ahin, Jane and Taeha talked about their music at a presscon organized by Facebook and Viu on Aug. 17.

Facebook revealed that out of the 618,906 followers as of Aug. 14 on Momoland’s official page, 53.4 percent (330,495) are from the Philippines followed by 14.5 percent from Vietnam and 3 percent from Thailand. The page has had a reach of 1.2 million as of this writing.

“We get the chance to communicate with fans all around the world. I think Facebook is a really good platform,” said Daisy.

The “Bboom Bboom” dance craze has spawned hundreds of covers around the world and in the Philippines, celebrities like Liza Soberano, Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda were seen dancing to the tune.

“I saw a lot of covers of ‘Bboom Bboom’ online. I was amazed and so touched how everyone tried to follow even the hairstyle and the uniform that we were wearing. I was really impressed. The most memorable cover that I saw came from Japan,” said JooE.

The official music video of “Bboom Bboom” has garnered 229 million views and 1.7 million likes on YouTube since it was uploaded on Jan. 3 this year. Through the song, Momoland also won their first ever TV music show chart award on “M Countdown” on Jan. 11.

Early this month, Momoland became the first K-pop girl group to be awarded the Platinum Certification in the streaming category by Korea’s Gaon Music Chart after “Bboom Bboom” reached 100 million streams.

Following the success of “Bboom Bboom,” Momoland released the album “Fun to the World” containing the carrier track “Baam,” which also has eye-catching choreography. The music video had 77.7 million views on YouTube to date since June 26.

Leader Hyebin said they felt pressured to surpass the popularity of “Bboom Bboom” with “Baam.”

“Yes we were kinda worried after ‘Bboom Bboom’ because we didn’t know it would receive so much love. But then again we thought the fact that we are going to enjoy this most important thing. While we were preparing for ‘Baam,’ we were telling ourselves to enjoy the moment we are doing right now,” she said.

Momoland promised to return to the Philippines (Photo by Jonathan Hicap) /
Momoland promised to return to the Philippines

“Baam” is especially interesting for Pinoys as Momoland used the Philippine flag and an image of the jeepney in the music video.
“We wore the traditional clothing in our music video and on stage in a music program. It’s beautiful and very comfy,” said Nancy.
Momoland also became endeared to Filipinos as fans pointed out that member Nancy looks like actress Liza Soberano.

“I saw on Facebook and Twitter that a lot of fans said that I look like Liza so I searched her pictures. She was so gorgeous so I’m really honored,” she said.

Just like other K-pop idols who venture into acting, Daisy said that Momoland members “have acting plans in the future.

Unfortunately they are not here,” referring to Yeonwoo and Nayun.

Momoland topped music charts in the Philippines and Jane said, “It’s kind of unreal that we are topping the charts. But now that I’m here and I’m seeing it like how fans dance to our music, that’s making me feel how I see our popularity growing up here. I’m really thankful for that. I’m also thankful that Filipino fans love K-pop in general.”

Hyebin and Nancy revealed that they visited the Philippines before with Hyebin going to Boracay and Nancy to Bonito Island. Given the chance, Hyebin said she wants all members to visit Boracay.

Fans won’t be waiting for long for Momoland to come back as it was announced that the group will be performing at the opening of UAAP Season 81 on Sept. 8 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Momoland said they are very grateful for the warm welcome they received in the country.

“Thank you for so much love and interest in our team and our song,” said Nancy.