30 vie for Man of the World 2018 pageant

Published July 4, 2018, 12:32 PM

by Lee C. Chipongian

By Robert Requintina

Thirty male contestants from around the world, including a hearing-impaired, were presented to the media during a special presentation for the official candidates of Man of the World pageant held at the Resort World Manila last Tuesday night.

(photo from @MAN of the WORLD Pageant/Facebook)
(photo from @MAN of the WORLD Pageant/Facebook)

This year’s contestants is composed of movie stars, gym trainers, bodybuilders, young professionals, doctors, a nurse, and models.

Richard Montoya, Prime Event Productions Philippines, Inc. Foundation Director for Legal, described this year’s contestants as competitive.

“The number of candidates would have been higher than 30. But for unknown reasons, some of them were not allowed by their talent management, including a popular boxer, to compete,” says Montoya. “The male pageant is all about masculinity with responsibility.”

Juan Carlos Cabrera Torres, of Lima, Peru, says that he joined the pageant to inspire others despite being deaf. “I want to inspire the handicapped that I can do more.”

Clint Karklins Peralta, a registered nurse from Camarines Sur, is the country’s representative to the pageant. He asks the Filipinos to pray for his journey to the pageant.

But the Bicolano hunk says that the Man of the World 2018 contest would be his final stint in pageants.

“Win or lose, after my reign in Misters of Filipinas, I am going to London to work as a nurse. I have no plans of competing in other pageants anymore,” says the Filipino candidate who also have a Polish and Latvian blood.

During the pre-pageant show, five contestants received the Media’s Choice Awards.

Aside from the Philippines and Peru, the three other recipients of special awards were Kaung Htet Wai, Myanmar; Emmanuel Luiz, Nigeria; and Cao Xuan Tai, Vietnam. The finals will be held in San Juan, Metro Manila on Saturday, July 14. They were awarded by Jaime V. Acosta, CEO and founder of Psalmstre Entterprises, Inc.

Other candidates in this year’s contest are Ruitao Li, China; Eduardo Gabriel Possamai, Brazil; Ondtei Valenta, Czech Republic; Wiler Jair Choez Loor, Ecuador; Ahmed Mohamed Abdalah Mohamed Abdallah Madkour, Egypt; Kbrom Gebremeskel Gesese, Ethiopia; Joseph Lawrence Bondoc, Guam; Joshua Roshan Chhabra, India; Wrendy Rifansah, Indonesia; Mx Meshrafsha, Iran; Anthony Cruz, Italy; Saeed Ahmad Zaeed Hamad, Jordan; Gilhwan Kim, Korea; Fitir Razali, Malaysia; Bjiorn Camilleri, Malta; Erdenetsigt Siilegma, Mongolia; Angel Gutierrez, Mexico; Chandan Bishowkarma, Nepal; Rants Rank, Palestine; Lennie Figueroa, Puerto Rico; Yamin Yusof, Singapore; Anuradha Methsiri, Sri Lanka; Abdalah Horani, Syria; and Natapol Srisarn, Thailand.