The Making of Han Solo

Published May 27, 2018, 12:05 AM


By Miguel Iñigo L. Fermin

Southridge School


Solo: A Star Wars Story stars Alden Einherich as the scoundrel we all know and love from the main films, and it has him and a gang that includes Lando and Chewie going on adventures. In all honesty, I was very worried about the film. I was afraid that like in The Last Jedi, these legendary characters would not be handled properly. The man himself Harrison Ford also expressed his concerns about the way Solo’s role would be portrayed. To my great relief, the latest installation from Disney is good. It’s entertaining, and it fits like a glove into the beloved galaxy.

Einherich does a very good job at portraying the title character. He has the right charisma and mannerisms, and it would be undeserving to call him an impostor. I love the back-and-forth banter between him and Chewbacca. The relationship of bad boy-Wookie is funny and real. My favorite performance in the movie comes from Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian. I would go so far as to say that he’s even better than the original actor Harvey Dee. Manipulative, devious but a rebel with a heart is a role that fits him well. In the trailers, Woody Harrelson’s Beckett was shown to be somewhat of a mentor to Han, and Paul Bettany’s Dryden Vos was meant to be the villain. It’s a shame that not more was done with their characters.

As the film’s main selling point, nostalgia is used to aits full effect. There are quite a  lot of references to other movies, TV shows, and even books from Star Wars. With regards to the storytelling, it is both the best and worst thing about it. A lot of the plot is Han becoming the character we know from the original trilogy, which includes him meeting with Chewbacca—he was served as lunch!—and getting his trademark possessions, such as his blaster and the Millenium Falcon. At the same time, it feels more like a montage of important events than a plot. I expected a bit more from Writer Laurence Kasdan since he had previously written The Empire Strikes Back. He attempts to further the character of Solo through his relationship with Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ra, but no real risks are taken with what happens in the film.

Being that it is a Star Wars movie, the visuals are stunning. Both the practical and CGI effects are impressive, and the set designs are fully realized. The action is fun, and the chase scenes are especially entertaining. The film sold itself as a sort of space western. The fights and shootouts are literally down in the dirt, and in that sense the film is very gritty. The movie goes to many intergalactic slums, which is a clear juxtaposition to the usually vibrant planets seen in the other installments. Nonetheless, all of it is beautiful and intriguing.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is a fun and exciting adventure through space. These renowned characters are treated well, and there is a cameo by one of my favorites. Go out and see this in cinemas.