A first of many fashion playdates

Published April 7, 2018, 12:05 AM


By Allyza Quirante

It was a day packed with photos, family, and fun, as Fifi and Co. PH (@fifiandcoph) invited several kid-fluencers to their first fashion playdate. The kiddie clothing brand aims to allow kids to express themselves through clothing by letting our children “choose for themselves.” The venue was packed with colorful props and accessories for us to try with outfits from their exclusive summer collection that was revealed during the playdate. Enjoying the fun activities laid out for the day, we got to know our new friends with awesome style sense.


Ayesha Brielle Lacerna / @yeshadoll

Four-year-old Yesha can sure rock a pair of tassel earrings. She is a young style icon that describes her outfits as a combination of chic and casual, but are still fit for playing. Her interest for fashion started when she was selected as one of the models for a fashion show for a prominent brand of kids’ clothing after winning a ramp modeling contest. Yesha is also inclined to music and she is currently learning how to play the piano. We’re excited to hear a song or two up on her Instagram soon.


Bea Jacinto / @myprincess_bea

This fashionable seven-year-old has been documenting her looks since 2015, usually sporting comfortable, girly clothes for different occasions. Bea says that her favorite accessory is her custom “B” necklace, which is a sentimental statement piece, because it was a gift from her parents. Her passion for fashion started when her mother introduced her to mixing and matching clothes. She shares with us, “It makes me feel happy when I get to choose what clothes to buy and wear.”


Cassiedy Summer Delos Trinos / @cassie.enchanted

This trendy tot sure knows how to work the camera with her quirky and chic personality. As three-year-old Cassie spends time with her “mommatographer” and fashion inspiration, they continue to create looks that are unique in their own way. Cassie and her family always makes sure that weekends are meant for family time with her OOTD shoots as their mother-daughter bonding. They share, “We dress based on who we are, not who we want to be. In this world full of trends, we want to remain a timeless classic.”


Kaitlin Gonzales / @len_gonzales

This future flight attendant sees fashion and photography as more than just a hobby, for her it’s a form of artistic expression. Five-year-old Kaitlin loves dainty, chic, and bohemian pieces with her brother Kalev tagging along during photoshoots. Aside from fashion, she also loves riding her bike and electric motorcycle, showing how she’s full of energy, keeping up an active lifestyle. When asked about how dressing up makes her feel, she says, “I feel comfortable, happy and confident that I am able to choose and express myself through my clothes.”


Leighanne Mykaela Sayoc / @thelovelyleigh17

Leigh’s interest in fashion started when her “momma stylist” started to dress her up like a doll, and we can definitely relate. This six-year-old describes her style as fun, casual, and girly, with her favorite pair of sunnies to match. As for coming up with her looks, she adapts her mom’s style, but their favorite local influencer is Camille Co. Leigh has many interests, but she has a  knack for crafting different kinds of art projects, like drawings and paintings.

Edward Pert Gonzales / @littlepert

It’s refreshing to find young boys developing their sense of style at such an early age, and seven-year-old Little E is a fine example of what a dapper young gentleman looks like. He’s been building up his lookbook for three years now, making his rounds on TV commercials and print ads as well. He says that one of his style inspirations is Alonso Mateo, while his mom is his fashion mentor. Aside from continuing to pursue fashion, Edward plans on taking up guitar lessons this summer.