Talented young stars in ‘Squad Goals’

Published March 28, 2018, 4:05 PM

by Agence-France-Presse

Young and talented actors are featured in the Viva Films offering “Squad Goals.” Two of them are Julian Trono and Vitto Marquez.

Julian broke into showbiz in 2009 as a host on the values-oriented children’s show “Tropang Potchi.” In 2010, he joined “Party Pilipinas” where he wowed audiences with his dance moves, earning him the title Prince of the Dance Floor. As actor, he has appeared on such shows as “Amaya” “Anna Karenina,” “Niño,” “Buena Familia,” and “Dear Uge.”

Julian Trono (left) and Vitto Marquez
Julian Trono (left) and Vitto Marquez

In 2017, Julian played a marked role in horror movie “Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz.” Not long after, he got his first leading role in the romantic comedy “Fangirl, Fanboy” opposite Ella Cruz.

Later, Julian also became a recording artist under Viva Records. His original songs include “Balang Araw,” “Isang Tingin” and “Tumalon.”

In “Squad Goals,” he plays Benj, an Engineering student who moonlights as dance guru Young D. He wears a mask in his dance videos on YouTube to hide from his father who frowns upon this passion of his.

As for Vitto, he surprised his mother Alma Moreno when he told her of his desire to join showbiz. The actress described her son with Joey Marquez as “shy,” but she knew he’d build his confidence under the management of Viva.

In 2016, Vitto auditioned for ABS-CBN’s boy group “Hashtags,” and a year later, he was officially launched as one of its members. To this day, Vitto is seen regularly on “It’s Showtime.”

In the movie, Vitto plays Tom, son of a retired basketball player and a model/actress. He is an HRM student and a varsity team captain.

The others in the cast of “Squad Goals” are Jack Reid, Dan  Huschka and Andrew Muhlach.


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    Marvin Agustin
    Marvin Agustin

Proud of the kids

In a recent Instagram post, Marvin Agustin said he’s proud of his “babies” on the series “Kambal, Karibal.” He means Bianca Umali, Kyline Alcantara, and Pauline Mendoza.

Marvin shared “I’m so proud of our babies on the set. They are not just another pretty face, they are very talented, hard working and very dedicated. Ganyan ang mga nagtatagal sa industriya. Ang mga taong nagmamahal ng trabaho nila. Great job beauties! (Sayang wala si Pau sa shot) And congrats to our show!”

“It’s nice to know that despite the heaviness of their scenes, they have a good relationship off-cam. It’s really worth it, the effort exerted by the whole cast because netizens are talking about the series and making it trending every night.”

Marvin plays Raymond, a doctor and the husband of Geraldine (Carmina Villaroel) who caused the death of his own father, another doctor played by multi-awarded Christopher de Leon. He placed the blame on his daughter Cheska (Kyline).


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