FVR @ 90

By Hector R. R. Villanueva

By Hector R. R. Villanueva
Hector R. R. Villanueva

“A leader must have the force
of character necessary to inspire
others to follow him with confidence…
He must have infectious optimism and
to persevere in the face of difficulties.”
— Field Marshall Montgomery of alamein

He remains spritely, zestful, humorous, witty, and gifted with a phenomenal memory.

That is President Fidel Valdez Ramos at 90 who, in his own words, is “retired but not tired.”

Former President Fidel V. Ramos will be remembered as the best president for steering the country towards prosperity, economic growth, and peace within the democratic space of the presidential term of office of six years without re-election.

The Ramos administration will be remembered for opening the economy and liberalizing key industries; enticing foreign investments and promoting international commerce.

The Ramos watch will also be credited and remembered for the six years of peace and relative tranquility with Muslim secessionists and Communist insurgency.

Field Marshall Viscount Montgomery once said. The leader must be a man whose personal judgment is trusted, and who can inspire and warm the hearts of those he leads.”

The family background and career path of Fidel V. Ramos may have predestined him to be the 12th president of the Philippines.

The illustrious son of Pangasinan province was a not only the sibling of an urbane and intellectual family whose mother was respected school teacher, and whose father was foreign secretary and found father of ASEAN.

General Fidel V. Ramos himself is product of the US Military Academy at West Point, and civil engineering in Illinois, and who acquired his compassion and humanity while serving most of his military career in the field, and later on “realpolitik.”

Pres. Fidel V. Ramos, with Juan Ponce Enrile, was the authentic hero of the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution that restored democracy under Pres. Corazon Aquino after the autocratic Ferdinand Marcos was exiled to Hawaii.

As a loyal West Pointer and true democrat, Fidel V. Ramos frustrated and thwarted any attempt at subverting and undermining the government with coups and destabilizations.

Our sustained economic growth and tiger economy had its origin in 1992 when President Fidel V. Ramos liberalized the economy and unshackled protectionist policies and brought about what today we take for granted, such as, telecommunications, cellular innovation, banking, airlines, insurance, shipping, and foreign investments.

When all said is said and done, President Fidel V. Ramos, at 90 years of exemplary public service, deserves the admiration of the Filipino people. His achievements will be difficult to surpass.

You be the judge.